Monday, May 21, 2012

You have ememies?

Good Morning my sweet readers!
I hope that y'all had a great weekend!

We had a small birthday party for Zane yesterday and we had a blast!

and for the the regular scheduled post...

This quote couldn't be more true! I have always tried to be honest and outspoken on my feelings with everyone. Sometimes I may hold back depending on the situation and then once I've thought about it a lot, I might then express myself.
Warning: This is a long rant/vent session...Please RUN NOW...
Unless you have some advice for me!

I have been blogging for over a year now and I feel like I can share anything with you, my readers! I am about to share a very personal story with you. I would like to know what you would do if you were in my situation.

A particular incident that happened last August has really took a toll on me since it happened. It gives me so many emotions at once. Sadness and Happiness all at one time? How can that be? Let me explain the situation for ya!

Here's a little back story: A very close family member of mine (who shall remain nameless) and I used to hang out and do things together A LOT! When I say a lot, the times that I wasn't with the hubs, I was with her. No matter what we were doing, it usually involved us being together. She is married with no kids, I am married with one kid- big difference, but it never effected our relationship. Usually she would call and ask if I could find a sitter and go out to a bar with her for drinks and dancing. If the hubby was out of town or working, I usually would go! It was a great outlet at the time and I enjoyed going.

Fast forward a few years: I was getting calls from her every weekend asking to go out. I would only say yes every now and then. Once or twice a month maybe. Reason being, if I went out, these nights would last til the next morning. (3am or so) At this point in time my thoughts caught up with me and I started realizing that she was only calling to go to bars now. Nothing else in between. To add to my thoughts, I was realizing that going out and drinking like a fish and dancing the night away was not for me. I was a wife and a mother now, and this not the behavior of such. Keep in mind, no one but my coincidence is telling me this.

Fast forward to two weeks before her birthday last August: She announced that they would be celebrating by going to dinner and then out to party the night away. Just great. So I actually avoided responding until the last minute. Literally. The morning of her birthday. My bad, I honestly forgot. Mistake numero uno! She sent me a text and asked if I was coming. I responded that I would make it to dinner, but I would not be able to go out afterwards.

She was pissed! She wanted to know why I couldn't come out. Here is where my honesty may have hurt me. I told her that I didn't want to go out to party anymore. That just isn't my thing anymore. She couldn't understand it. She wanted me to explain myself and my reasoning for it. So, what did I do? I told her that I felt like the only time she wanted me around was when she wanted to go out to a bar and drink. I asked to her recall the last time we did something that wasn't bar or alcohol related. She couldn't quite remember. Either that or she was so pissed at this point she couldn't think. The last time we had done something together was April. Four whole months of not hanging out, maybe a bar and dance in between but that is it!

...To Be Continued...

Wait, what?!? So what happened after that?
Yeah, sorry this has turned out to be a long post, so come back tomorrow to read the rest! You won't be sorry!

Tell me what you think so far!

Happy Monday Y'all!



  1. That last picture is the cutest! xo

  2. Sounds like she has A LOT of growing up to do! Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with going out & having some fun. She needs to respect your response & that you have a child! Hello, no respect! Sounds like she was acting very childish by wanting you to explain your reason! You already told her, duh! Sorry, I have a big mouth ha! :)

  3. It's so difficult growing up and relationships changing. I'm interested to see what happens on this. And, I agree with Pamela...she may have a little growing up to do.

    1. You're right! Growing up and having different relationships is difficult!

  4. I know how you felt! Being a mom/wife is something you can only understand if you are one.

  5. Cute pics!
    Just like you said having enemies means you stood up for somethings and if she cant understand that you are a wife and mom and those things are the most important in your life then she has alot of growing up herslef to do. You did what you felt in your heart to do and that was put your family first.


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