Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge #PHOTOADAYAPRIL

Today is MAY 1st! OMG....28 days until my little boy gets a year older. #icry

I had a lot of fun doing this! For one it started my love for instagram! Two, it helps me remember my moments! It is quite hard to keep up with unless you have all the items memorized! I find myself scrapping at the end! Luckily I take more than my share on instagram that I can fill in the blanks! Enjoy Y'all!

1. My reflection in the mirror at the beach house!
2. Pink is one of my favorite colors.
3. Our bar is a catch all for mail! #smh
4. Everything about this little stinker makes me happy most of the time!
5. Tiny Sticky notes
6. Sushi Lunch Love
7. My fat tail shadow
8. Vera Bradley will always hold my stash!
9. This is my Dad holding me when I was almost two!
10. 35 degrees is cold!
11. I love a good steak and cheese biscuit on the way to work!
12. Stairs, I couldn't get a good pic of stairs, so I made steps with some mulah!
13. I found new E.L.F. products two of which I love!
14. I was in a silly mood!
15. Sunset. 'Nuff said.

16. My BFF taught me how to make fabric flowers! Tutorial to come!
17. I hate the MPG that my Jeep gets.
18. Zane blew the air hose in my hair!
19. Our Japanese waiter gave this to Zane for finishing his dinner.
20. I suck at drawing! Even on #DrawSomething
21. A bottle of GermX will always be perched on my desk.
22. Bought a presh cross bracelet off Etsy!
23. Broccoli in the dinner the hubs made!
24. I am grateful for all the hubs does for me!
25. Looking down at my little piggies!
26. DIY Ripped Jeans in B&W
27. We went riding on the Teryx4!
28. At work at 1pm
29. My coaster on my desk is a circle and had circles on it. Circles, circles, everywhere!
30. Knowing how long my brother has been gone, makes me very sad.

and here's to next month!!

You can find me on istagram as thecarolinacountrygirl!


  1. loving the pictures! You polish is fabulous. What do you think of ELF makeup? I just bought some loose eyeshadow and love it. They are the only product I have ever tried before. xo

  2. Loving them all!!!! ♥ Love your blog. It is very inspiring.


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