Monday, April 30, 2012

My Weekend

Hey Y'all! I hope that each and everyone of you had a fabulous weekend! My weekend was pretty laid back. on Friday I went and got my hurrr did! I bit the bullet and went back blonde. Really blonde. I LOVE IT! No regrets here, although I knew I should have done it sooner!

After getting my hurrr did, I went to eat dinner at my parent's house. My Dad had picked up Zane from daycare and was already there when I arrived. It had been raining most of the afternoon but quit right before dusk. My little man loves a good, long puddle to run in. He inched closer and closer until I caved and let him play in it.

Saturday, Z and I went to the first Tractor Pull of the year! It was so dang hot! It felt like summer time. Finally when the sun went down it was bearable! It was a long night because none of the trucks got to pull very far because the track was a bit slick. It made for a boring but sociable night.

Zane slept on the couch and when Steve came in from night shift he crawled into bed with us. I DO. NOT. HAVE. NOT. EVER. LIKED. THIS! It only happens once every so often, few and far in between. I never want the habit of him sleeping with us. (long story for another post) Sunday, around 11am we finally woke and went to good old Cracker Barrel. Little man had pancakes and we had lunch.

After we got home we stayed outside. I washed my Jeep and the hubs washed his.

Z made a mud pit for his Bronco. It kept getting deeper the longer we let him play. I now have a "pretty deep mud hole" {according to Zane, anyways} in my backyard.

That evening we visited the neighbors and Zane was still muddy. Our neighbors had about 4 sprinklers going at one time, and Zane got  his weekly shower a majority of the mud off. The hubs went cruising on his mower. #lame ha!

That was our weekend in a nutshell! 
How did you spend yours? 



  1. I feel like a brand new woman when I get my hair done! Yay for a little pampering! :)

  2. Your hair looks good!! Love all the pictures!

  3. Love the new hair!!!
    And mud puddles.

  4. Wow girl slounds like a super jam packed weekend with even more jamed pack fun. I love your hair, I love blonde I just hate the paying for the upkeep to maintain blonde for my self my roots go crazy.


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