Friday, May 18, 2012

Forgotten and Buggin Out

It's Friday and boy am I glad!!! We are having a small birthday party for Zane this weekend and my mom and I will be making the cake! I will definitely share this once it's over! I hope that each and everyone of you have a fantastic weekend!

Have you ever went to Wal-Mart with a list of stuff and always end up getting more than what is on your list? Lord knows I do this almost every time I go to Wally World! I say almost because if the hubs is with me he usually can keep me focused!

Just the other day Zane and I were getting somethings we needed at home at the trusty old WW. I checked out in the back garden section as usual since it's easier. Not a lot of people check out there for some reason. Oh well, it's great for me! Anywho-On to my story... So we're done checking out and I am grabbing my bags and the cashier is hurrying me away so that she can ring up the next person. (they don't have the big round racks that the bags go on, just two stationary racks) I drive home and start unloading and realize that some of the items I had purchased were not there! Ugh I was pissed! It wasn't much, it was just some elastic for a sewing project, some sewing needles, and sunscreen. I didn't worry about driving 20 minutes back to the store. I have found myself doing this a few times before. SMH I know that I should go back, but dang, that's a long drive just to go back for a few bucks. Maybe I'm lazy?

I'm curious to know how often this happens at Wal-Mart or any other store for that matter. I am also curious to know what happens to those items that were paid for and never picked up. Do the items go back on the shelves? Does someone else take it home? Does the cashier take it home?

Have you ever done this? Do you know what happens to those unclaimed purchased items? Did you go back and get your stuff?


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  1. YOu can call and tell them that you keft those items and if the cashier turned them in or the next customer didnt grab them then you can pick them up next time you are in the store.
    Happy birthday Zane! Hope the party goes great girl


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