Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday my pretty ladies! I hope that you all have a good weekend! Relax and enjoy yourselves!
Today I am participating in a new link-up, new to TCCG anyway!
I have seen this on some of your blogs and thought, hey, that's pretty kewl dude!


Dearest Hubby, Thank you for committing to picking up the boy in the afternoons, so that mommy can get back into an exercise routine! That really means a lot! Dearest Readers, You read that right! You don't have to rub your eyes to make sure your not seeing things! I will be starting another exercise regimen. We'll see how it goes! I am also sad that I asked for guest bloggers and I have only got one volunteer! I'm just doing it to share friends. Oh well.  Dearest BFF, I hope that you are ready for this. We need to push each other and encourage one another like crazy! We can do this! I have faith, and I know you do to! #workbabywork Dearest Zane, I love you to the moon and back, bunches in the closet, BUT you've got to stop with the fake crying that you do to get your way. I'm not giving in anymore. Sorry bub! Dearest Good Tasting Food, I don't like you. You make me fat and squishy. Go away. I'm not your friend anymore!



  1. I hate being fat and squishy. Good luck on your weight loss journey!!!!

  2. fake crying?! kids don't do that.
    just like food doesn't have any calories. zip.

  3. Good luck!! :) I have barely been on blogger this week :/ work is draining me!

  4. welcome to friday's letters :) found you via the link up! haha "fat and squishy" i've been feeling that way this week!


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