Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Show & Tell VLOG

Hey H-------oh Hey Y'all! I love me some Raven! I'm just getting to know Ashley, but she's pretty cool from what I've read on her blog! Since I did the post about southern vocabulary and such, I thought that this would be a great time to create a video! Well I have the video, but the stupid thing won't upload! grr!! Oh well, maybe next time! But go check out all the others that got to upload their videos! Y'all know I am! Let's quit wasting time...Hold my beer and watch this shiz...

Dang! I tried to upload this last night and it wouldn't work, but I got it to work this morning! Don't you dare make fun! I also noticed I was more nervous than I thought and it looks like I am fidgeting with my hands...lawd have mercy I'm a hotmess in this vlog!
(I am sorry if any of you were not able to play the original format. I have changed it to YouTube, but it made it look shakey. I will do better next time!)



  1. I love your ring!! You did a great job, girl!!

  2. You are such a hoot girl! I could listen to you talk all day. And the Hunger Games is sooo good! Thanks for stopping over to my blog too!

  3. I love that purse! I asked you about it a couple posts ago and ordered it myself! Love your blog btw!

  4. hey!!!!! Im trying to watch your vlog and it says unavailable?!?!? Fix it fix it!!!!!

  5. I just watchef it, love your accent! You did a great job, your ring is gorgeous


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