Monday, June 25, 2012

Manic Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Our weekend was pretty eventful! The Hubs and I attended a beautiful wedding in the middle of a field on Saturday, then on Sunday we ended up all over the place! From the river, to the mountains, to one of the best home cooking restaurants ever! I will be recapping all of that this weekend, but I have something better this morning!

 I was nominated by Jen at Boys will be Boys for the Versatile Blogger award. Thanks Jen for thinking of me! I think you and I are destined to be besties! Go visit her sweet slice of the blog world! I love watching her vlogs and her boys are presh!

Random Facts:
  • I am named after Anna Dimera from Days of our Lives
  • I've had Kate Gosselin's haircut and HATED IT!
  • I wish I was a gypsy and traveled the country! In an airstream of course...okay maybe not the airstream, I would have to have a pimp @ motorhome!
  • Anything chocolate in my sight will be gone in 2.5 seconds!
  • I am obsessed with anything Jeep.
  • I am an MTV junkie.
  • My husband hates tattoos, but I love them!
  • I love to take Girl's Trips! They are so stinking fun!
  • I am very spontaneous!
  • I love sunflowers!
  • I am not a clean freak, my house gets a good cleaning once a week. Every day other than that, it's a HOT freakin mess!
  • I'd rather wear flip flops in the summer and cowboy boots in the winter.
  • I can live in the heat or snow. I've lived in Texas in the summer and Iowa in the winter. Although, South Carolina has the best of both worlds! Okay, not so much the snow....ha!
  • We had our old house torn down and a new on put in it's place almost two years ago!

Here is a list of questions to be answered:

1. What is your profession? I am in the administrative support profession. Basically sitting on my tail answering phones and typing. I make good money though.

2. How would you describe your style? MINE. I try to style myself the way I want to look, not to look like everyone else. Although, usually I am looking like a slack butt. Jeans n tshirt!

3. What one make-up product can you not live without? My foundation; Clinique

4. If you could be besties with one celebrity, who would it be?
Don't you dare laugh when I tell you this! I would be besties with Chelsey from MTV's Teen Mom 2. That way I can tell her that she needs to leave that loser of a baby daddy of hers alone!

5.What is your dream vacation? Hmm... My dream vacay would be somewhere in a hut above crystal clear waters with white sand! I'd relax on the beach all day and party all night! (as long as we had a hired nanny for the nights! hehe!)

6. What magazines do you subscribe to? Better Homes & Gardens, Petersen's 4Wheel, JP Magazine

7. If you could have any special talent {that you don't currently have}, what would it be? My special talent would be to have the ability to cure all cancers!

8. What is your favorite breakfast food? I have two! Chickfila Chicken Minis or Bojangles Steak biscuit with wonder I'm so fat, but it's oh so good!

9. If you could do anything, what is your dream job? To be a stay at home mom and still make good money!

10. What is your guilty pleasure? I have too many! Jager & Red Bull, online shopping, this list will get too long if I continue!

Pamela's place 
My New Wife Life 

OH! I forgot to add that you can now find me on Twitter! My lastest obsession Thanks to Jen! ;)
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  1. I'm pretty sure if I could talk to Chelsey, I'd slap her across the face. First of all for naming that poor child Aubrey and then for breaking up then going back with that loser. Seriously, how many mean things does he need to say to her?!?!? Were you panic stricken when you tore down your old house to build the new one? That's totally ballsy!

  2. I`m named after a Soap character too lol (erica kane)haha. I am obsessed with anything jeep too... i just bought a liberty. It was fun learning more about you! xo

  3. Yay! Thanks for joining in the fun girl! And yep I totally agree we are long lost bfs!! My cleaning skills, non existent. I have the same love affair with chocolate...hints why I love choco cake shots so much ;) Love that your special power deals with helping others and ridding the world of the evil C word! And don't hate me, but I've stayed in one of those over water bungalows. It was amazing. Let's plan a girls trip there when we win the lotto ;) Love ya girl!

  4. I wish I had that special talent too!!! Wouldn't that be awesome!? Thanks for tagging me!

  5. Your so sweet,thank you for tagging me. YOur dream vacation photo is beautiful!!


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