Friday, July 06, 2012

Big Mouth Putting Herself Out There

I try to life life with few regrets. I say "few" because you can say all day long that you have no regrets, but I can guarantee that you have at least one throughout your lifetime!

Lord knows I have a good bit. I may not regret what I did, but I am sure I have regrets about something I said. Sometimes I can have diarrhea of the mouth. Things that come out of my mouth may sound bad but I had good intentions! I try to be as honest as I can. I will sugarcoat it if needed.

Ask me about your outfit! Go ahead ask me!

"Does this look okay for my date tonight?"
ME: Yeah girl, you could Rock this, but that lumpy midriff area needs attention! Suck it in or something!

"Do I look like a river rat in this picture or what?" 
ME: Well honestly, You look bad. Your boobs are sagging and that swim suit doesn't do a thang for your figure sista! And what the hell is on your head?

So, this post has already turned upside down and is goin to be full of random shiz!
 I have officially put myself out there in blogland for having a lumpy midriff and saggy tits! But hey, I've had a baby! Isn't that what they all say? Hell, I had the lumpy midriff pre-pregnancy! No excuse there! Just pure laziness! I'm working on getting back on track! I've never been skinny but I would like to get close to what I was in high school at least! I've always been comfortable in my own skin.

It took a while for me to except the fact that I was "big boned". Ugh I hate that word. BIG BONED. I'm 5'11 and weigh too damn much! (sorry I'm not ready to put that much out there yet!) I was always picked on for my weight as a kid. It was until I was in the 8th grade I finally realized that I have to be happy with myself before people will accept me for who I am, not who they want me to be or look like.

Once I got to that point in my life it was up hill from there. Aside from trying to be a bad ass in high school and rebelling against my parents and thinking I was too good for school, I liked how I looked and I liked the fact that I had friends that accepted me for just that.

This is not me posting a weight loss journey even though I have thought about it. But I am so back and forth, for better words LAZY, about losing weight. I like the way food tastes and I choose not to give it up. Yet. Never say never. Because who knows next week I might be on a total weight loss diet eating saltine crackers and taking laxatives! I am sooo kidding! Do not ever do that!

Why am I posting this? Well, I posted that second picture in my #photoaday for June 19th on instagram and I got a message that said this "I see some of the other mommy bloggers and they're all perfect and it makes me want to eat my feelings away." It made me feel like accomplished something. I accomplished to let someone know that it's okay to look this way.

My best advice to anyone is to be happy with yourself above all. Whether you and fat or skinny, short or tall, a "big" girl (as I like to call myself) or a little girl. We are all the same and different at the same time. If someone can't love us for who we are then they need to ....bug off! haha!

Okay this post was all over the place. I hope you can make some sense of it. If you come back tomorrow and it's not here, you will know that I thought it was too stupid to keep on my blog! ha! Maybe not! I am sure I will loser followers and friends for this one. Yikes!

Have a fabulous weekend! I will be turning the BIG 2-8 tomorrow and I am ready to be with friends and family!

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  1. Woot woot!!! Love that you posted this! Your story could literally just be interjected with my name and face and we'd be the same person. I will say though, I have NEVER been that confident with myself, not even now. Maybe one day, right?

    1. Val, you seriously need to work on that confidence! You know you are one of my favorite bloggers to read now, and I think you are adorable!

  2. This post is awesome girl! I got made fun of in school for being too skinny and not having designer brand clothes. I've always been considered sort of a dork. And you know what, I've learned to love my dorky self! LOOOVVEEE You!

  3. Preach! I feel the exact same way as you on so many levels here! I’m a good person with a great life full of people that love me for me. I’m happy, not perfect.

    I love your blog, I found you through Jen at Boys Will Be Boys!

  4. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!

  5. Unfollow you for this...what? Nonsense! I love you for being honest about your feelings! I think you are adorable. 5'11" short 5'2" self is so jealous! Christina, you are so right..."I am happy, not perfect" could be my motto too!

  6. If someone unfollows you because of this post, you did not want anything to do with them anyways!!! I agree no matter what size each person is they need to be happy with themselves! I am on a weight loss journey myself and so far i have lost 16lbs and I am thrilled! I am pretty happy now but for me the wieght loss is to become more confident in me and honestly I have grown to really enjoy working out, it is a great stress reliever and all those extra endorphins are making me a happier person in general. But I love this post and I love how you say.." If someone can't love us for who we are then they need to ....bug off! haha!" I think that is well said and so freaking true! Happy Birthday Tomorrow! :)Cant wait to meet you soon!

  7. ROCK ON SISTER!!!!!!!!! Happy (early) birthday too. I'm 5'11, weigh too much, admit my laziness, and I have big tits. We could be real-life sisters. HAHA

    Nicole @ Three 31


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