Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Photo A Day- JUNE

I didn't do so well this time. I missed several days of June and not getting the shots that I needed! Hopfully since JULY is my birth month I can get my act together! Thank you instagram for this fun addicting monthly/everyday photo challenge!

  1. Morning- I'm about to wake Zane up but he is so cute cuddling
  2. Empty-
  3. On your plate- Chocolate Cake for breakfast!
  4. Close-up- Dinner from the night before!
  5. Sign- a sign on the table and BK- Bacon Sundae? Yuck!
  6. Hat- My hubby never goes without his hat!
  7. Drink- My go to drink!
  8. Six O'Clock- Blingin the pink
  9. Your View Today- watching cartoons with my boy
  10. Best Bit of your weekend- The hubs bought me a sleeping bag!
  11. Door-
  12. From a low angle-
  13. Art- Zane's vacation bible school art glasses!
  14. Time-
  15. Yellow- Pigtails on this three wheeler ridin Mamma's helmet. Classy! SIKE!

16. Out and About- On our way to Columbus, GA to load a frickin uhaul.
17. In your Bag-
18. Something we don't know about you- I don't eat the crust on Poptarts
19. Imperfect- my body is imperfect, but I accept it.
20. Fave photo you've taken- The sunflowers planted in my back yard
21. Where you slept-
22. From a high angle- Watching Willow play on the porch
23. Movement- Zane trying to jump over the Hubs head
24. On your Mind- Motivation for the Gym!
25. Something Cute- White Minature Donkey at the Dillard House Farmzoo
26. Where you shop-
27. Bathroom- Yep. Playing with the camera phone beside the toilet!
28. On The Shelf-
29. Soft- Zane and I cuddling with a soft blanket
30. A Friend- My IRL Best Friend and her baby girl!

P.S. Don't forget I have a HUGE giveaway coming up July 7th! Get ready for it, because it will BLOW YOUR MIND!


  1. Okay so #19 makes me love you and this blog even more. I see some of the other mommy bloggers and they're all perfect and it makes me want to eat my feelings away.

  2. I always love your pix! I love 8 is that a watch?

  3. Absolutely love ALL your pictures!!

  4. It looks like you had a very busy month!

    I just found you the Whispering Sweet Nothings Blog Connection post. I blog at JDaniel4's Mom and live just outside Greenville, SC.


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