Monday, July 16, 2012

Everyone's Doing It...

...So I am too! I promise though if you jump from a bridge, I will NOT follow! I am not a fan of heights, but I sure can ride a rollercoaster!

If You Really Knew Me...

you’d know that I hate coffee but love a double chocolately chip frappacino from Starbucks!
 you'd know that I am very apprehensive about certain things. 
you'd know that I drink more soda than I should.

you'd know that I used to smoke.

you'd know that I like to dance but don't do it enough. 

you'd know that I am very random and spontaneous!

you'd know that I love redbull and jager!
you'd know that I had my nipples pierced before! (not now)
you'd know that I live in flip flops in the spring/summer and cowboy boots in fall/winter. 

you'd know that I talk A LOT!

you'd know that I cuss, I try so hard to filter it, but somethings just come out too quickly!
you'd know I used to be a cosmetologist!

you'd know that I struggle with anxiety.

you'd know that I dream about fixing up my Dad's old '65 Chevy truck!

you'd know that I love to take pictures.

you'd know that I am glued to my phone a lot.

you'd know that I love peaches!
you'd know that I am a mom to a wild buck! (aka Zane)

you'd know that in 9 days, I am on the road to Colorado! Damn, I cannot wait either! I am in such dire need of a vacation! My mind is about to explode!

That is all. Annabelle Out.



  1. I love this post! Do you still do hair on the side? I have always wanted to learn.

  2. We could be best friends you know!

  3. LOVE THE POST!! I love a cussing, nipple pierced ,non coffee drinker who is coming to Colorado in 9 days! Almost 8 days!!! But who's counting?

  4. LOVE!! we have so much in common.


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