Friday, July 13, 2012

Nail Files

Two posts in one day! Holla at ya girl!

So I found a new link-up! I won't do it over week obvi! I mean I don't link-up every week to other link-ups either. Whatever the mood I am in is what I am going with! ha!

I've seen this many times but never participated. I made a trip to the one and only TarJay last night and was screamed at by this Sally Henson stuff sitting on a shelf!

First of all I love the Salon effects nail strips! They are the freakin best! I've had the regular leopard print and the zebra print. This one though is SO me! Bright, colorful, shiny, and leopard all in one! As a friend and I were in the beauty section at TarJay I was browsing the E.L.F. that had been robbed....(OMG! It was a mess!) I heard my name being called out. "Anna, Annna, look at me Anna!" Then I saw 'em!
(okay maybe they didn't scream at me but just go with it)

Sadly these don't come cheap! When I saw the RED sticker on it, I knew they were mine! As soon as I got home, fed the boy and put him to bed, my tail was putting these things on! I love them so dang much! I know you are about to run out to Target and get you some too! Get it girl!



  1. Did you buy up all of them? They are awesome!

  2. I love them! I've never tried overlays before. Are they easy to put on? Do they really last awhile?

  3. i *almost* bought those exact ones at target and now i'm totally regretting it!!! they look awesome!

  4. wow, my nails are assisting in typing this and they feel very ghetto compared to those nails now..

    what a complex.

  5. Those are adorable!!! I haven't tried them yet because of the price tag, but I totally would if I found some on clearance!!

  6. Those are so cute! New follower!

  7. haha love finding Sally Hansen strips at Tarjay - problem is I've tried just about all of them and those limited edition ones are so damn hard to find!

  8. Those are crazy - I've never seen anything like it. I just bought my first strips from Target since they were also on clearance...but mine are just polka dots...not nearly as cool!


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