Thursday, July 12, 2012

My B-day for Realz

Alright, Alright, I know you are all sick of hearing about my birthday, BUT I haven't told you all about it yet. This will be the last time I talk about it until next year. Capeesh?

I just love this Hot Momma over at Boys will Be Boys! She sent me some birthday loot! Stationary with lemons on it to represent the lemons that would go with Chocolate Cake shots! Ones we will be drinkin the first time we ever meet! ha! There is also an Apricot face scrub that I just love! ( I am buying more tonight, btw) And my most fav. the homemade soap! I love the smell so much. Zane loves it too and we use it all the time! Thanks girl! You da bestest! For Realz!

Friday night I started out with one of these:

Cranberry, Peach Schapps, Vodka. Yep. No Jager for this bday girl. We had a good time eating my favorite wings and music! Zane took this picture of the hubs and I. He did a great job!

Saturday morning I read blogs and the finally took a shower. I got dressed and picked up my BFF. We headed to the movies! We crammed our faces with popcorn and reese's pieces. (try it, it's yummy together) What did we watch? MAGIC MIKE of course! BowChickaWowWow! It was an alright movie. There were a few things I could have gone without seeing. I won't deliberate since some of you haven't seen it. For Realz.

This is not my first time seeing men shake it for me! A few years ago, a local bar we loved to hang out at had a Male Review night! In other words, Male Strippers. We rounded up a crew and went. The Crew: My Mom, My MIL, BFF, CP, Diva and a few others. I got wasted, MIL throwing dollars and buying me lap dances that I chose not to participate in! I did participate in getting a polaroid (classy I know) with a few of the guys from the show. They weren't even that good looking. I also think one didn't even like women. But whatever. It was fun and we made great memories going there. For Realz.

circa 2005

I was almost home from the movie, two drive ways away, and the road was blocked by a dead pine tree. I called up 'my knight in shining armor' to come and rescue me! He hooked the tree up to his truck with a strap and dragged it home. How redneck of him. Yeah I know. For Realz.

After my Prince rescued me, he wisked me away to our favorite mexican restaurant! While we were parking I realized there were several people there we knew, including BFF! I knew right then he was up to tricks! He was. He had my parents, his mom, my grandparents, and several friends there to celebrate my bday! Go Hubby! I used to give him hell about throwing me a party. I guess I can't now. He even made me a cake! Funfetti and cream cheese baby! For Realz.

The rest of the weekend we cleaned and did laundry. I'm still doing laundry. I hate laundry! I also put up a rack to hang my necklaces on in my closet beside the earring hanger I made!

That wraps up my bday weekend. If you need me the rest of the week, I will be sweating my ass off at the gym trying to get rid of the mexican and cake I ate. Oh and those damn wings and cheese fries...I hang my head in shame. For Realz.



  1. "how redneck of him" so funny.

    I LOVE that they surprised you, I hate surprises but for others? love.

    I am glad you had such a good birthday!

    And jager? I'd rather die, horrific story. I hate jager.

  2. No jäger?! So glad you had such a great bday!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
    Magic Mike .... blah blah blah. I'm so infatuated with 50 Shades that Magic Mike was a HUGE disappointment. And the move theater chair didn't vibrate. For realz!

    The 'knight in shining armor' dragging away the pine tree ... hilarious.

    Happy (belated) birthday, Beautiful. :>)
    Nicole @ Three 31


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