Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Intimidated or not so much

This post will be random today.

Lately I find myself pondering if I want to pay for sponsorships from other blogs in order to get myself/blog out there. What holds me back is the fear of being able to keep up with it and not lose focus of the real reason I blog.

What is the real reason I blog?
In a nutshell, I blog to capture memories, share my life and the things I do. The plus side is I meet awesome people like you!

I don't want to lose sight in the main goal here. I don't want to get overwhelmed and not be able to satisfy my readers. I love blogging and I have finally figured out my balance. A balance between blog life and real life. To some of you this might make NO sense at all. Lots of bloggers struggle to find a balance to have time to post and reading other blogs in the midst of all the real life duties. It's a challenge for sure. I'm always up for a challenge as long and I can foresee the end result!

So today, I realize I'm not ready for that yet. I like being a small blogger. It's like living in a small town. Everyone knows each other for the most part and the new comers are fitting in well.

What's your opinion on this? Do you pay for sponsorships on blogs to get your blog out and about? How do you find a balance?


  1. No I totally know what you mean! I love that my blog feels "homey" and like a small town, and I worry that if it got much bigger I'd lose sight of the reasons that I love blogging. :)

  2. I love that you drew comparisons between having a small blog and living in a small town. :) Not many people think about it that way, and I know that I certainly haven't, but it's a beautiful sentiment that really makes a lot of sense.

    Personally, I have decided against doing paid sponsorship. I don't "own" my own URL, and neither do you, so in a way...if we charged our sponsors, it would be making money off of something we get for free. And since I think about it that way, I tend to shy away from any blog that has paid sponsors AND are a .blogspot website. Does that make sense?

    And then, on the other hand, paying almost makes it seem like paying for friends. I don't know. I just...haven't gotten there yet. :) Good for you for wanting to stay true to yourself and your blog and your readers. You make us proud! ;)

  3. You know how I feel about this bc we have already discussed it. That's part of the reason I stopped swapping too. Maybe one day I'll change my mind, but it's not for me right now :)

  4. I was thinking about this the other day too and I think I've decided against it. Like you, I blog for ME. As a documentation of our life... I shouldn't care about the number of followers I have. Although, it is nice to see the number grow, but thats not why I blog. Thats just me though :-)

  5. I honestly only want to pay for sponsorships and/or get more traffic so I can make a little money from blogging and quit working for a while. I desperately need a break. I'm sure every working mother feels that way and I'm no different. It's still very challenging for me.

    This is such a great post. You really do have a knack for writing.

  6. I totally understand. Blogging was just my personal journal of our family's memories for over three years (I spent about six months just blogging about our past events). Just this summer, I started doing link ups and meeting other bloggers, but I can already see how exhausting it is keeping up with my blog and other blogs that I love to follow. I love the friendships I've made, but I don't think I could handle much more anytime in the foreseeable future...especially with school back in full swing. *Sigh*

  7. I totally agree with you. I like smaller blogs because you can form real relationships. As my blog grows (it's still tiny though) I find it's hard to keep up with emailing, reading and commenting. Blogging for me is just a hobby. I would hate for it to take away from my time with my kids and become a chore.


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