Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Slack Arse and an Accent Vlog

I'm not sorry that I lost a follower today. I guess they didn't like waiting for a recap of my vacation. Yeah, the one that all of you are waiting for too! I suck, my computer sucks, and getting back in a routine sucks too! It's called life and it has caught up to me! I'm slack, forgive please. If it makes you feel any better, I found this in my drafts! I decided since Jen from Boys will be Boys misses my accent, what better way for all of you to enjoy it than an accent vlog! Here ya go!


I am always behind on things in the blog world. Today is definitely one of those days. Accent vlog for all you that want to hear how I talk.

A few things I learned after watching this:
  • I say "umm" a lot.
  • I've never been self conscience about my teeth but after seeing this, I should be! They look gimped up!
  • I shouldn't record vlogs at work! haha
  • My intro on this video is stupid, but I didn't want to re-do it just for that!

Enjoy or not....your choice! Hollla!



  1. Love your accent! I think I may steal this...

  2. Haha you sound like you're from my "neck of the woods"! Love it!

  3. Toylit was my fav word! The devil beating his wife. OMG girl I am cracking up! I love you even more! I need more vlogs from you!!


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