Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sneak A Peek

I am going to be completely honest here. We have not had professional family photos done since Zane was 14 days old! 14 DAYS! I hang my head in shame, I know. But I have LOTS of photos that I have taken on my own that make up for that. I really do not see a need in have tons and tons of pictures that are posed with a fake background behind you or a black background. Once is enough for me on that.
A friend I went to high school with started her photography business last year and is booming like crazy! She took some pictures of Zane last year in his Halloween costume that turned out great! I felt like this year would be a great time for her to do some family portraits for us.

Two weekends ago we met up with my friend to have some unposed outdoors shots. Well, some were planned poses but not the ordinary poses you see. These are the only sneak peeks that I have seen from the shoot so far. I love them and I cannot wait to see the rest!

Zane just had to have us all make silly gestures!

Our typical craziness!

Our boots.

Fatherly love.

I love my Hubby!



  1. Love these, so so cute!

  2. I love these!! And the boot picture is adorable!!

  3. How awesome! I love his silly face. Boys just don't know how to be serious.

  4. Girl these are precious I love them all what a beautiful family you have. You should do them more often because I love them

  5. Lovely! I especially love the last picture of you two. :)

  6. Love ALL of these!!! She really captured y'all as family! :)

  7. You blog is TOOOO cute!!! I have been begging my husband to get family pictures made and he refuses to do it, until he loses weight. We have never had family pictures made and my son is 2 years old! You pics are so adorable and I love the one where he's holding him upside down....I just may have to copycat that pose if we ever have pictures done!! I hope you're having a great week!! Thanks for visiting me over at Dirt & Pearls!!

  8. These are absolutely adorable!! I love the one of him hanging upside down! Precious!

  9. These turned out so great! I love the boots!!


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