Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a fantastic Monday! Mine was not so much! Mondays suck!

My weekend turned out to be a darn good one! Friday we hung around the house and I got the pleasure of building a truck out of legos. I hate legos. They hurt my feet! We all know that they don't get picked up like they should! That's what Moma is for I reckon!


I got my awesome shoes/loafers whatever you want to call them. they rub my heels a little. Maybe once they get broken in they won't be that bad. I love how they look with my jeans!

Saturday night my best friend and I had a girls night. We went to dinner and then went out and shot pool like old times. It was nice to not chase kids for a evening! lol We always have great conversations and see the strangest people! It never fails! We laughed all night long!

Since Zane stayed with my parents Saturday night, they kept him most of the day Sunday. The hubs and I went out on the loaner Teryx. Why do we have a loaner? Our Teryx4 had a recall and is in the shop being fixed. They gave us this to use until our teryx was done. It was not as good as ours but we still had fun in it. (this one doesn't even have power steering!) We took Willow along with us and she had a great time! Besides all the bug bites I received, I had a great time too!



  1. CUTE leopard print shoes! I'm on a leopard print kick... I bought a top and a scarf this weekend with the print!

  2. The shoes look great! Glad you had a fun night out with the bestie! Willow is so darn cute!

  3. LOVE the new shoes!! Looks like you had a fun weekend!!

  4. Shoes...I want love them what a fun weekend you had

  5. OH Anna! Love the shoes...where did you get them again??? Oh by the way...I love the title of this post! I have a doll that Papa Grant got me that was named "Sugar Britches" :) lol

  6. Now this is what I call a good ole time. I love the name of your blog!


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