Monday, September 03, 2012

Being A Parent: Silly Captured Moments

As a parent I am always witnessing silly moments and laughing so hard I may not pee my pants. Zane is always trying to entertain us every chance he can! Some incidents the hubs and I might have instigated or influenced. Oops!

 Zane would rather give me a gang sign or a grumpy than have his picture taken.  I'm lucky for the few smiles I get out of the many stink eyes I get! Or even the occasional birdie! Y'all, no lie, my child did not know what a birdie was until this past July 4th. He points with that finger for some strange reason. Now, he knows what it is and will do it on purpose!

Walrus face, deuces, and even a tongue can ruin a good shot. Hell, I admit that sometimes it makes the shot even better.

Poutin' won't get you no where boy! Mud Madness extravaganza!

Daddy is good at fudgin' up a photo op too. I guess Zane gets it honest. Even peeing outside showin his hiney will get an award for silly captured moments. My boy is full of them and I reckon I am good at capturing them.

Until next time sweet cheeks, hang em a bird!



  1. He Cracks Me UP!!!! Love Yall!

  2. Sorry, but naked hineys are my favorite ........ I spent some time this weekend with our niece and nephew and C ran out of the bathroom naked-as-a-jaybird with Uncle K and Aunt Nicole running after him laughing. So much fun. Your son is adorable, such a genuine little boy doing exactly what he ought to be doing: driving his Mama crazy!!!!!

    Nicole @ Three 31


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