Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cuddly Doggy Bed

Last weekend I got it in my head that I wanted to make our dog, Willow, a bed to sleep in. I got online a looked at etsy, my go to place for unique ideas!

I had seen this type of bed before but it never crossed my mind that I could make one. Until now! I had no pattern, I just went by what the picture looked like.

I had some extra fabric that I wanted to use up and it all matched up perfectly!

Here is what I did:

  • I made four circles the same size. (two of the same color fabric, one in fleece, one in a different color or pattern, and one that is striped) Don't laugh but since Willow is so small and didn't need a big bed, I used a round clothes basket and traced around the outer edges. I used about 3 yards total in fabric.
  • Then I took one piece out of the same color fabric and the one in fleece and cut off 1/3 off of it. Note: I left the fleece a little longer on the cut edge so that I could fold it over the top.
  • I sewed these two pieces together to make the very top half of the pillow. I also added pink ric-rack to make it more girly. 
  • Take the piece that is in a different color or pattern and sew it right side up to the fleece side down.

  • Once you've got that sewn together you take the striped piece and cut it to 4-6 inches wide depending on how thick you would like your dog bed to be. I believe I made mine 5 inches wide.
  • Sew that to the top circles that you've been sewing on. With right sides together take your time sewing it around the circled piece.
  • You will now need to meet you two side ends together and dew them up.
  • Now take your bottom and final piece that is the same color fabric that you first started with and sew it, right sides together, to your bigger piece you've been sewing on. Be sure to leave about a 4 inch opening to put your stuffing in.
  • You pillow/bed should be inside out, turn it right side out now.
  • Stuff your bed with filling. I used an old pillow that was busted and flat. It worked great!
  • You will now have to hand sew the opening together or if you prefer, use your machine.
                               Voila, you're done!

Willow loves it! She can slide right in and cuddle up to stay warm! 

If you decide to make one, please share it with me! I'd love to see how yours turned out!
If you need help, I'd be glad to!



  1. How freakin' cute is that! And I love the little fleece pocket to cuddle up in! Willow is too cute, I think she needs a little more face time on the blog :-)

  2. Love Love Love it!!!! So fancy ;)

    Wish I could take the time to figure out how to use my sewing machine. Last time I used it was to put my daughter's patches on her Girl Scout uniform and another mom asked me if I was drunk when I did it!?!?!? LOL - needless to say, packed it up and haven't thought about it again.

  3. This is too cute! You think I could make one for Logan? I'm tired of him climbing into our bed. Maybe if he had one of these on our floor he'd stay there!

  4. Holy Crap. You are good. You do us Southern Women proud mama!


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