Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I You REALLY Knew ...

You'd know that he was born with a bruise on his forehead. Because Moma pushed him out too fast! ha!

You'd know that he is shy at first but comes around once you talk to him.

You'd know he is a Daddy's boy!

You'd know that he likes to play dress up!


You'd also know that this boy isn't afraid to get dirty! Even if Moma says no!

You'd know that he can dance with the best of em

and then go outside to pee!

You'd know this boy loves chicken wings. Hot or not, he will chow down!

You'd know that he loves the sand and would live at the beach just to have a big sandbox!

You'd know that he loves to shoot guns. He knows his saftey and pratices almost everyday. Be afraid!

You'd know this sweet boy can be mean as a snake.

You'd know that he LOVES to sing in the car but doesn't want anyone to know he is singing!

You'd know that even though he is a Daddy's boy, he loves his Moma just as much!



  1. What a fun post! I love the pic of him peeing! How funny.. How big was he when he was born?

  2. What a great post! Love every picture! OMG your new blog look is AMAZING!! Sorry I've been gone for so long sweet heart! MaMa is BACK!!

  3. I love this!! Hot wings? Thata boy!! Zane and Nate would be best friends :)

  4. HAHAHAHAH, Oh my, that picture of him peeing had me rolling.


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