Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Adventures

I hope you all had a great weekend! The weather was fabulous! We stayed outside most of the whole weekend. Well, that was until my 'DA' self looked down and realized I had ants up to my knee! Y'all, I ain't never ran so fast to the hose pipe (water hose/ garden hose, whatever you call it) in my life! They were eating me alive and I was making hubby rub my leg to get them off! Not a turn on! ha! Thankfully this happened on Sunday.

I had bites from my toes to my knee. It hurt like hell and I was looking for any sort of relief! I googled it and came up with mixing baking soda and vinegar into a paste and putting it on the skin. It was only a temperorary relief! I'm still itching this morning! What a mess!

I got up early Saturday morning and started my day off with a mile. A mile of jogging and walking. Then into the house to clean up and do a little fall decor! I will share that with you this week too!


The rest of the morning until early afternoon was spent riding around on our side by side. We rode about 5 miles of pavement and gravel roads. The views are great out here in the country also known as the boondocks by some of my friends.

Saturday evening we went to the Mud Bog that is held in our town. They have it once a month or so and it's pretty fun! The hubby just had to get involved! I will share more of that as well! I took tons of pictures!

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!
At least make the most of it!



  1. Oh so beautiful! x

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  2. Love all your pix! John got attacked by fire ants a couple of years ago. He had at least 100 bites. Bc of his asthma he had to go to immediate care. Those buggers are no joke! Hope the itching stops soon!!

  3. Oh too? My littlest man got bit on his legs and arms while he was at preschool on Friday. Luckily, he really didn't seem to be too bothered by them, and they just looked like big red mosquito bites. Then, our soccer field seemed to have an infestation on Friday night during practice, and a little boy got bit when they got in his shoes. Ugh, I hate ants! They seem to be really bad in the south this year! Hope yours feel better soon!

  4. Hope your ant bites get better soon! I remember going to mud bogs. Good memories. :)


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