Friday, October 12, 2012

Life Lately - Friday Letters Style

My life lately has been so busy! Since cooler weather has finally made it appearance here in SC I feel like I've been non-stop! Everyday I've had plans to work out and I've only done 2 miles all week! I'm being such a slack ass and I need to get back in the groove.

Dear Work Out Mojo, Come back! Please! I'm begging you! I have a Color Run to attend in a little over 30 days. I need to lose about 10 more pounds, please and thank you!

Dear Crafty Anna, I've also not produced many crafts this year as I did last year. By this time last year I was sewing up a storm! This year, the only thing I have done is finished a quilt and sewn a dog bed for Willow. I have plans of sewing some stockings this year to take to a church craft festival, but I haven't even started. I need to get with it. I love crafting and sewing. It's a passion of mine. A small goal in life is to be half as good and my mother is! So let's get on it!

Dear Carley, Thanks for the treats you sent us! The hubs will get to see it this weekend! Oh and my Diva neighbor loves me because I shared! ;)

Dear Zane. Oh my dear little man. How I love you so. How come everyday I pick you up from daycare your teacher tells me you got in trouble for not listening? This is two weeks in a row! Stop the madness. You were one of the best kids in the class and now you start this? I've taken your tv privileges away and started punishing you a little stronger. I hope this works because this Moma doesn't like to be mean.

Dear Hubby, I am so ready for you to come home. But not just yet. We have to attend the NC Renaissance Festival before you do! I also can't wait to have you back as my cuddle bug! In the mean time, make that money honey!

Fridays Letters




  1. I'm with ya on the work out mojo, ha!

  2. Color Run woohoo! Start eating avocados, olive oil, and greek yogurt. They are fat busters!! Worked for me :) And I've proudly kept 7 lbs off for the past 7 months. And come home Steve!! The Mrs. needs you!

  3. I make notes in my phone like that.
    I'm sure whoever reads it one day will be like, "This girls is cray." Ha.
    :) And 100 Grands are my favorite! Oh my word. I want one right now.


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