Friday, November 02, 2012

Dear November,

I have big expectations of you. I hope that you live up to them and then some. I am sure that you will as long as I remain to have an open mind! I'm gonna be so busy that I won't know which way to turn. Pray I survive through it on into December which I am sure will be just as busy!


I between all that I am thinking about my mom and I hosting a 'Cookie Swap' and I've been asked to do another "Pinterest Christmas Party". We shall see! I just don't want to bite off more than I can chew! {if you know what I mean}



  1. YOur November is full girl can I tell you how jealous I am of you doing the color run Im so doing one next year and cant wait to hear and see all about it.

  2. Your going to do fine chica! Have a great weekend!!!!

  3. Do the Christmas party!! that would be so much fun!! Also to add to your calendar my birthday is November 10!!! So you can add that! :P just kidding! Jam packed november but it is by far the best month. in the whole world!

  4. Dear Annabelle, one one day matters right now. Turkey day. That means food. oh, and i will throw family in there too. Happy November! Love ya!

  5. I hope your November is everything you hope! I had a cookie swap party last year. It was a ton of fun even though only a few people showed up (horrible planning on my part very very last minute so most people already had plans) but it was still a ton of fun and I had SO many cookies and it was fun getting new recipes! Fun times!

  6. 2 forgot to put my bday on your calendar. And when are you going to see Breaking Dawn?!? Love you!!


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