Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deck the Halls with Deco Mesh

I posted this photo on instagram and my personal facebook. I've never got that many complements on anything I've posted! People were saying it looks like something from a magazine. I digress, but Thanks!

It really boosted my esteem! I told y'all yesterday that the Hubs says I put too much on my tree, but I say the more the merrier!

I love to decorate. I got that from my Moma. It's in our genes. My great grandmother used to go ALL OUT for Christmas! She would let all the kids decorate her tree every year the night of Thanksgiving! We loved it!

I'm all about being frugal when it comes to buying decorations or craft supplies. I found some deco mesh at Walgreen's for $7.99! Pamela said that Michael's has theirs for $5.99 this week! Go grab it up y'all!

I found a simple tutorial on pinterest last week for a wreath and I had to make one! Sad part is, I can't link to the actual tutorial because I can't find it anymore. Shame on me.

1.) Wire Coat Hanger
2.) One roll of Deco Mesh (the wide one)
3.) Wire cutters (not the ones pictured. these wouldn't cut)
4.) Small gauged wire or tape (the tutorial said tape, I used wire)

Start by forming your wire coat hanger into a circle. Take your time and work with it a bit to get it just right. I had hubby cut the end of the coat hanger off. (the hook part, from the bottom of the twisted part up) The I twisted the wire together to form a circle. You may have to reshape your circle now.

Gather the end piece of deco mesh and wrap with wire/tape. Attach to the wire circle. Using 6-8 inch sections wire/tape the deco mesh to the wire circle. Pushing and bunching them together as you go to make it pouf. Do this until you get to the end. You may have some left over depending on how big your sections of pouf are.

The bigger the pouf the fluffier your wreath will be. I suggest sticking to the 6 inch range. I think that my wreath is a little too poufy. I think If I would have did it smaller that I could have added other ribbon or nic-nacs to it.  So get out there and make your own deco mesh wreath! Then I want you to show it to me!




  1. Love your decorations! And I agree with you about a loaded tree - the more the merrier! I hate seeing naked looking trees!

  2. Oh gosh, how simple is that! Love it! I def need to try that out! I just looove Christmas time :) I am just in love with your tree!!

  3. I love a loaded tree. I am slowly buiding mine up but in a few years i hope to be like yours!

  4. I love it all! The tree, the wreath, your mantle and fireplace, your wall have a real nack for decorating girl. I need to get some of that tree and mantle need some more love. :-)

  5. I have been seeing these wreaths everywhere. I really need to make one!

  6. That's an awesome wreath! All of your decorations are great!

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