Monday, November 26, 2012

Show & Tell: Thanksgiving

Linking up with Becky today!

Whew! Thanksgiving is over. It's kind of bitter sweet. On Thursday, we enjoyed great fellowship with family at my parents house. We also ate WAY too much food! My mother hosted her side of the family at her house. We ate, we played, and we even talked about our Black Friday shopping plans!

Yes, my mother dearest already has her Christmas tree up!

I made Sweet Potato Souffle for the first time! I'm pretty proud of it! I don't normally like to eat it, but this time I made it and knew I needed to try it. I actually liked it but I don't think I could eat it all the time! It's just one of those things you eat on special occasions like this!

Around 10pm Thursday night, Moma, my Uncle, and I headed out to get in line for some Black Friday shopping! We got in line at our local Belk store. It didn't open until midnight, but because of the deals, it was a crazy line! The first 250 customers got a gift card! The amount ranged from $5-$1000! There was one $1000 card for each store! Well, my mom and I got $5 and my Uncle got $10! We also racked up on some shoes and clothes and other misc. deals! After that we headed to Target and then we went to eat at the trusty Waffle House! We were home by 4am. We stayed as far from Wally World as possible. We did that last year and it was a nightmare! This year I don't think the deals were all that great. There wasn't any awesome deals on anything I was looking for. (3DS mainly) So maybe next year will be better.

Saturday Zane was awfully sick! He woke up several times in the night sick. Finally that afternoon he was feeling a bit better. I wanted to get out of the house so we decided to shoot guns in the back yard! (thank goodness for living in the country) Our target was our pumpkins from Halloween. We shot the little chipmunk .22, the Hubs shotgun, and a 9mm. It was my first time shooting a pistol. I was nervous but I liked it.

After unloading a ton of ammo into that poor pumpkin, we came inside to decorate for Christmas! They boys helped for a total of 20 minutes. Then they gave up because they think I put too many decorations on a tree. What do you think I said to that? NO WAY! You can never have too much! I also worked on making a deco mesh wreath! More details about that this week! P.S. Buy your deco mesh at Walgreen's! $7.99!

Next Week's Show & Tell: Show off Your Christmas List & Tell us About It!!




  1. I've never done Black Friday, so my aunt and I went to Target at 10:00, and oh my lord - I'll never do that again! You were smart for staying away from Walmart! Poor Zane, so glad he got to feeling better! And I'm loooving your decorations! I wish I had a place of my own to decorate :-)

  2. I love it all! The Thanksgiving feast with family (the souffle looks amazing), the family shopping expedition (including staying away from Wally World), the shooting fun (how awesome do you look shooting that pistol...ha!), and the decorations. Your tree is beautiful, but I really love your mantel decor with the old window frame. So chic! :-)

    1. Ugh, we are looking at the 3DS too, but I would rather just buy him a tablet since he is always using mine. The games and apps are way cheaper too. :-(

  3. Love that picture of Zane! Your decor is SO cute!! oooh, AC Moore or Michael's has their deco mesh on sale for $5 this week!

  4. I have never been Black Friday shopping. I prefer to shop online. I love your shooting pictures! I can't wait to hear about your wreath!

  5. I stated in on black Friday because I dont like going to jail over stupid people and what better way to feel better than to shoot a gun. I really should try it.

  6. I have done black Friday shopping ONCE in my entire life, and I'll tell you...once was enough. :)

  7. Well I didnt get a call to bail you out so I knew you were fine and got the DS lol glad you had a great Thanksgiving and Zane is better

  8. Great pictures! The sweet potato souffle looks really good!


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