Tuesday, November 06, 2012



Today, each and everyone of us will be glad that this campaign is coming to an end! I will be glad that this election year is over! I am so tired of hearing about it. Yes, I do want what's best for our country but things just get way out of hand. I don't like how dirty the campaigns are. People are real and people get hurt along the way.

I keep my political views to myself. This year is the first time the Hubs and I have actually really cared about the vote. It's the first time we've actually talked about it to each other. I didn't remember until this year that I've been a registered voter since 2007 and I have never actually voted. Honestly, I didn't think it mattered. Well, it did matter and I screwed up. So, here I am today, ready to go get my vote on! I know who I'm pickin' and I am sure you know who you are pickin'! Don't share with me just go vote!



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