Friday, November 16, 2012


Happy Friday Y'all! I'm on my way to Charlotte to get my Color Run on! Today's post is courtesy of my being a Liebster award recipient again! Thanks Jen & Jennifer!

I was tagged by Jen over at Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This and Jennifer at Life as Jane Doe.

1. I don't like big crowds as much as I used to. {ex: Disney during the summer}
2. I fear of sneezing while driving and having a wreck.
3. I love chocolate anything.
4. I have anxiety issues, but I deal. Not as well as I or my hubby would like.
5.  I love Jeeps but I don't like how much they like to drink gas!
6. I can only remember having hair down past my shoulders once in my life. High school.
7. I don't mind getting in the dirt to play but I also like to get cleaned up and be priss ass too!
8. I'm doing a 5k tomorrow, but I am not running! I will proudly walk the whole 3.1 miles!
9. I hate to be late and I hate having to wait on others who are late!
10. I do not, never will like auto-correct!
11. I can't go 10 minutes without looking at my phone. {I've tried}

Jen's Answers to the Questions for my Liebster Award:

1. What is your favorite beauty product? Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

2. Who is your celebrity crush?

3. Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? Mountains or the Ocean... I love both! Can I get some ocean front property in Colorado by chance?

4. If you could do one thing over in your life what would it be and why? Tell my brother how much I love him over and over and over.

5. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a first grade teacher!

6. What is your favorite book? Twilight Series and The man who loved Clowns

7. What are you most looking forward to in the next few months? Being with family and friends for the holidays

8. What is #1 on your Christmas list this year? New Cowboy Boots!

9. What is the best concert you have been to? If you have never been to a concert who would you like to see in concert? SUGARLAND for SURE! They Rocked it and I can't wait to see them again! The Hubs, my BFF and I went one year and had the best time ever!

10. What kind of car do you drive? 08 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

11. What is your most embarrassing moment? Oh gah! This happened a few months ago! I was eating watermelon and a co-worker shot a seed into my mouth as I was talking and I choked a little. I was also laughing, or trying to, at the same time. Then, yep. You guessed it. I peed my pants. As I get up to run to the restroom, there was a wet spot left on the seat. I didn't know that until the next day when co-workers show me the photos. I was so embarrassed! Now, we laugh it off! At the time I was scared to look at them in the eye! BTW, I cleaned the chair. It was a fabric chair! Oui Vey!

Jennifer's Answers to the Questions for my Liebster Award:

1. What celebrity do you identify with the most? Most def. Melissa McCArthy
2. What is the most popular search term/phrase that drives traffic to your blog? Country Girl Sayings...haha...

3. What are your biggest pet peeves? People smoking at an entrance to a non-smoking restaurant! UGH!

4. Do you have any scars with really get stories behind them? If so, how did you get them? Good Question! I was 11 and got dog bit between my legs. I still have the ugly scars on both legs!

5. What is your favorite nail polish brand and color? Sinful colors! I like any bright colors!

6. Is there a specific topic that you might consider yourself an expert? If yes, what are some of the things most people don't know about it. No not really!

7. What terrifies you the most? Death

8. What makes you the happiest? Being around friends and family

9. Who do you admire and what qualities about that person make you admire them? My mom and everything about her! Her strength mostly!

10. Sweet or Salty? Both! I like a good mix!

11. What is your best organization tip? What's organization? haha! I have no skill on this! sowwiE!

Have a great weekend! Oh, and say a prayer for me to have safe travels and a great time meeting blog friends!

P.S. Enjoy this hit from way back when. It put a smile on my face this morning!  Love!



  1. I'm literally saying WTF at your per pants story. You crack me up. I'm crying!

  2. congrats!!! love your blog, dog bite, ouch!

    Helene in Between

  3. It was so great to meet you at The Color Run!!! :)

  4. I don't like driving period. I am trying to figure out how to invent the magic carpet to really work. Then I can sneeze, fart and eat without risking my life. Hope the color run was fab!

  5. The Color Run!!!!! Miss you ladies already! I wish all y'all lived here. :)


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