Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's OK Thursday #40


I hope that each and every single one of you are having a great week! I've been away and missed reading ALL of your blogs! I am playing catch up today so while I am read this and then go read some of your favorite blogs! Have a blessed day y'all!
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Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that I have been traveling for work the past three days. I'm home now. Finally. have lived it up while I was gone but still missed the comforts of home. be scared and excited about Christmas traveling!

...that my parents will be having their first Christmas without me around. They still will have many other family members to be with.

...but I still feel guilty about it. Other than my hubby and son, my parents are my world.

...that my sweet blog frand Kristina came to visit me at my hotel! We had some great talks! have lost my really expensive Costa sunglasses while on this trip. They were scratched and I want need a new pair.

...I also went to get my glasses out of their case and when I went to put them on, one of the arms broke off. They are two years old, I guess it's time for new glasses too. Sounds like I had bad luck with glasses this week. Ugh!
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Also for your entertainment, today I want you to watch this video and thank me later! I love y'all!

What's okay with y'all today?



  1. I'm sorry you won't be with your parents for Christmas!! I'm sure you will still have a wonderful holiday :) Glad you had Kristina to keep you company!!

  2. So glad you and Kristina got to meet up again! We all need to plan another meet-up ASAP!

  3. Always good to be back home sorry you won't be able to be with your parents this year.


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