Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Making the most of this Christmas Season

Hey Y'all! What's been happenin'? I'm not going to appologize for my lack of reading other blogs and commenting. Okay, maybe I just did. Oh well. Onward we march! Ha! I've always wanted to say that. Today I come to you with a head cold. My right ear is stopped up and I cannot hear a thing in that ear! Let's all pray that it's better by the time I fly on Friday. The pressure will not be plesant if it's still not 'popped' by then. Yikes!

Right now my Christmas music playing 24/7 is in full swing! I get it all out of my system for the next two weeks! Then it's back to regular music. I love all classic Christmas songs!

This past weekend we went back to Dollywood with my parents. Gosh, I just love this place! We had a great time! I did not take my good camera in this time. Just my cell phone, hence the poor quality photos. Good memories were made this weekend. We rode the infamous Dollywood Express and looked at the Miniature Railroad in all it's 1200 sq. ft. glory. We rode all kinds of rides! My Mom and I rode the Tennessee Tornado and giggled the whole time!


Are you ready?
I'm ready to see my hubby!



  1. Yall are some Dollywood goin fools! Hahah! :) So fun!

  2. Looks life fun!!! I'm 100% ready chica! Everything is bought,wrapped and under the tree as we speak! I hope you feel better by Friday!!!

  3. That looks like so much fun! Y'all are so cute!!

  4. Hope you are feeling better today! I want to go to DW! It looks like so much fun! We've been playing Christmas music since the day after Thanksgiving. John won't allow anything else to be played :)


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