Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa and his gifts

Santa Claus comes once a year. How does he do it all in one night? Can I touch Eddie the Elf? I can have this? Can I have that on the t.v. Moma? I want that for Christmas! I hope Santa brings me this! Is Santa really watching me? Is Eddie following me around everywhere I go?

These are questions I have heard for a little over a month now. Christmas has set in and I have to find answers to all these questions. Am I consistent with the answers? Not always. Why? I forget. We all do.

Most of the questions about wanting a present, I usually respond with "You'll just have to wait until Christmas to see what Santa brings you!" Sometimes it might be followed with "You might just get some coal in your stocking if you don't start listening to what I say!"

Have you ever put 'coal' in your kids stocking? I haven't but I am tempted to! Just to put the fear in him. Is that mean? I don't think so! I think it will make him think more about how he acts sometimes. I like teaching my son a lesson the hard way. I want him to know that life isn't always grand. Just so you know, the Hubby probably wouldn't agree to this. haha!

"Can I touch Eddie the Elf?" No! He will lose all of his magic and go back to the North Pole and never come back! "Can you touch him Moma?" Yes, parents can touch the elves and they not lose their magic. There may come a time when the elf falls or needs to be moved. I will move him!

I love answering these questions because it makes him believe even more when I do! I love seeing this spirit light up every time I say something exciting about Christmas!

Are there questions that you have to constantly answer for your kids? What do you tell them? Please share!


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  1. I get the same questions! Nathan's list is so long I can't even half of what we wants. I also try to throw Jesus in the mix whenever I can. Nathan now thinks that Santa and Jesus are best friends :)


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