Wednesday, January 16, 2013

He's My Sugarbear

Yep. That's him on the far left in a mini skirt! He once dressed as a "sexy woman" for Halloween. Complete with pink panties I might add! {just in case you needed to know} He even used cashews for nipples in his built-in bra! Talk about getting in character! We wear the same size shoe, so he borrowed a pair of my boots. By the end of the night he had broken both heels off. {I was pissed but that's nothing new} P.S. this was the year I just had found out I was pregnant! No dranky for moi, so I took a ton of pictures!

So a WHILE (long while) back I asked you guys to send me some questions to ask the Hubs to record a vlog! Well without further adieu, here it is:  {enjoy}

A FEW Notes: I'm sorry it took so long to post this. The lighting sucks in the video. There is also some adult language and content. (The Hubs doesn't have much of a filter.) Also, Tamara, I pronounced your name wrong, I knew better too! I'm sorry!

Trip to Maine with the In-laws

 I don't give you enough credit for all the things you do for me. You are the most amazing husband, father, and best friend I could ever ask for. We've made some great memories in the last 10 years. I can't imagine what the next 50 will look like. I know one thing is for sure, it will always be an adventure and never have a dull moment.

Our First Wedding Anniversary!


  1. Girl, "I reckon" that shit is priceless! Priceless, I say!!!

  2. Hahahaha I'm just now getting to watch this video, and he made me laugh out loud! I reckon I just love your husband! Too cute!


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