Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Check It Y'all!

Hey Y'all lovelies! It's been crazy for me lately, but I'm alive! Being sick for two weeks is for the birds! I'm not 100% but I am getting there! (I'd say I'm 85%) I broke down and went to the doctor last Wednesday and was diagnosed with severe bronchitis on top of a sinus infection! Boo! Hopefully I will be back to my self in a day or so! Meds are doing my body good right now! Then I'm getting back on track with exercising! I'm ready too!

Anyway, I want to share with you via instagram how boring I've been. As if you haven't noticed that on IG already!


-I painted my nails from a pinterest idea. #snowflakes

-spent the whole day watching movies while Zane and Willow fought over who sat next to me.

-I finally got out of pajamas and put real clothes on!

-The weather was showing signs of an early spring, I HAD to get out of the house. So I roamed the antique stores with my parents.

-You can find some really neat stuff at antique stores, more or less, they are still creepy as the day it was created!

-My son talked me into buying this hat at our local Dollar General. I thought it was cute that he picked it up and said "Moma you need this for the beach, it will look good on you!" So I bought it, but not sure if it will make more appearance than playing around the house. We shall see!

I also got this scarf in the mail yesterday from Sarah Halstead who blogs over at In The Moment! She just opened up her Etsy Shop and is giving away a scarf on her blog! Click the button below and check it out! Oh and she does AMAZING photography and has two beautiful boys! You won't regret checking her out! Be sure to enter her giveaway and tell her I sent you over!
In the Moment with Sarah Halstead


  1. Love that last picture of you!! The scarf looks great! Hope you get to feeling 100% percent better ASAP!

  2. That sickness needs to leave you alone! And I need that scarf! I'm going to make me one, just as soon as I find the perfect shade of yellow yarn!

  3. Me and dollar general should have a meeting. The hat is awesome! Hope you feel better my friend. Xo

  4. I enjoy following you on Instagram, always something for me to smile about! Love the scarf... the color is awesome!!

  5. Glad you're feeling better! Love the nails.

  6. Cute nails, scarf, and TOMS! There are so many times that I think I just have a cold and put off going to the doctor, when something was really going on the whole time. I hope the meds are working and you're feeling better!


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