Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let's talk about The Bachelor!

I'm really sucked in this season! You might hear quite a bit about this each week! I have not watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette in several seasons. I don't know why I decided to jump back on the band wagon again, but I have and I am here to stay!

Sean Lowe, a really genuine guy from Dallas, Texas. He was from Emily's season and got the boot. I didn't watch that season, so I didn't know him at all until now.

I like the fact that he has taken charge from the start of the show. The first episode when he was meeting all of the girls right out of the limo, he gave the first rose of the season to Tierra. That was a sweet thing because at first, I liked her. Now, I hate her. Talk about drama! Ugh! It sells the show I guess!


Every time I have watched a season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette, I've always chosen my top three favorites. This season is no different. Desiree is my #1 favorite! She is herself 100% of the time. Even when she is not around Sean, she never changes. She's sweet, but stands her ground when she needs to. She and Sean have a strong connection already and I can't wait to see how far she gets! I am sure she will be in the top! I like her the best.

Then there is Lindsay. I will be honest with you. I thought she was a complete JOKE when she came out of that limo wearing a freaking wedding dress! Then she pranced around that whole night in that dress acting dumb. She has shown another side of herself, a more serious sincere side. I like it and she is a good match for Sean.

Sarah, sweet Sarah. She is my #3. At first I was afraid that Sean was picking her for pure pity. Now, not so much. He is really into her and she really likes him. They have a great connection and have a lot of fun together!

These are my three front runners and I doubt I will change them unless they don't get a rose!

Are you watching this season? What are your thoughts?


  1. I would trade Lindsay for Leslie M and then we would have the same top 3 :) I'm liking this season a lot more because Sean actually has things to SAY, unlike a lot of other bachelors in the past where they just ramble!

  2. I love Sean. I think he is my favorite bach so far. I love Des too. But I think my fav is Leslie. I think she is super cute.

  3. I agree with Tamara!! LOVE Leslie!! Ohh, Sean. Love him.

  4. I told myself I was going to watch this and it hasn't happened yet. He just needs to dump these chicks and be my pool boy.


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