Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Saying See Ya Later Sucks

It does. For real. Shit got real this weekend. The hubs came in Friday and we enjoyed having him home. We ate up every ounce of love we could get from him!

We are used to him being out of town for a few weeks and coming back home. Normally he only works a few hours away and we will spend our weekends with him. Now he is so far away and that isn't possible. We tried to video chat, which isn't good unless you have facetime. We don't have iphones, we own droids. #tangosucks We do talk on the phone a lot and we send pictures throughout our day. It works for us so far.

What makes this harder than any other is the fact that we go into the unknown. We don't know how long he will be working out of town. It weighs on my mind so much.
I work a 8-5 job and Zane goes to daycare and that helps us keep our minds occupied. But that thought always lingers. When will I get to see him in the flesh again? When will he get to hug his boy tight? When will I get to cuddle with him? When will we get to go to dinner as a family?

The weekend came and went. Sunday came. I cried. A lot. Steve cried. Zane cried. It was harder this time than any of the other times that he has left. Why? I can't really pin point anything other than the fact of not knowing. I fully support anything he does and he takes damn good care of us. It's just hard to be apart when we are so tight knit. I look forward to seeing him again soon! In the meantime, I try to keep our minds occupied.


  1. I know long distance is NO fun! I hope you get some answers soon as to when he will be home. But keep making the best of the situation!

  2. *hugs* I hope y'all get some answers soon so you can plan better and have some much needed family time.

  3. Long distance is super hard I hope it isn't for too long!

  4. I'm so, so sorry. Spending so much time apart is SO hard. Sending prayers that the time passes quickly for you guys! :)

  5. Awww! I'm so glad you got quality time with him. Saying goodbye sucks. I have to do it with my family all the time but I couldn't imagine having to tell John bye. I'm praying that you'll have answers soon!

  6. Awww :( I'm sorry!! I'm here to talk, if you need someone!

  7. So sweet, Annabelle! I hope he gets home to you guys soon. As sappy and crappy as it may sound now, absence obviously does make the heart fonder. It just makes you realize even more what you've got. I think it probably makes it even sadder seeing how much he and Zane miss each other. I know my boys adore that daddy and can't stand to be away from him. He hasn't left us for a long trip in a while, but he used to go out west every year to make some extra money helping with wildfires. It was hard when I was alone without kids, but it was even harder with kids because of how much they miss him. Prayers for you all!


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