Monday, February 25, 2013

Contrary to popular opinion, no one owes you anything.

I've had this post written since 10/23/12 but never had the courage to post it until today. If you have an opinion, please be kind! ;)

Warning: This might be a sensitive subject for some. I have no intentions of offending anyone. This is my blog and I tell it how I think it should be! ha!

Nothing irritates me more than someone thinking they are "owed" something or that they "deserve" anything. In today's society most people think this way. To me it's not American. It's sad. I do not think this way at all. I believe in working hard for what I have and earning every ounce of it.

I read this the other day and I said "Amen!" out loud.

Simple. Brutal. Reality.

There are people in this cruel world that are capable of working but choose not to. They choose to be on an entitlement program than to work a minimum wage job. People feel that it's more beneficial. I feel it's laziness. If it takes working two jobs to make ends meet. Do it if you're able. And by "able" I mean you're not disabled. Well, even some disabled still try to work and earn what they have. I see it every day.
For every five people who need welfare, there will always be one abuser. That simply comes with the territory. The bigger issue is that increasingly, this “entitlement disease” is spreading to working citizens. The occupy movement is a group of people who believe they deserve more - more opportunity, more money, more benefits, more whatever. They believe that life isn’t fair.
They are right. It never will be and it never has been.

So do something about it. Work hard. Start a business. Fight until you get what it is that you want out of life. Will everyone get where they want? No. Some people who work harder than you do will never achieve your level of success and some people that work markedly less hard will blow you out of the water. And that will always be true because life isn’t fair, people have different skill sets, and luck plays a huge role in life.

But what I can tell you is that you have to take responsibility for your life or you will become, and remain, a loser. Every success and every failure has to be yours. You can’t blame mom, dad, the stupid president, bad luck, the teacher that hated you, where you grew up, or multinational-piece-of-shit-scumbag-banks. You have to push every single day and carve out of life what it is that you want. You have to go over, under, or blast through obstacles. You have to never quit.


I warned you that this might be a sensitive subject for some. I have no intentions of offending anyone. This is my blog and I tell it how I think it should be! ha! If you have a different opinion let me know! I might agree with you too!

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  1. Amen! Glad you had the courage to post it! I think "entitlement" is apparently the new American dream. a not so funny way!

  2. Very well-written! I think it's great that you had the courage to say this. a lot of people on the Internet are so afraid of implying that someone might be abusing the welfare system.
    I have been working in retail for almost seven years, and I can tell you that as a cashier/store employee, you will see plenty of people who pay with food stamps...yet they have manicures, fancy cell phones, two or three diamond rings on each finger, etc.

    (Yeah, I know that some people could have gotten a phone or rings as gifts...but not every one).

  3. Amen! When I was working in Raleigh, I saw so many abusers. So many students were getting a free ride to attend school, but all they wanted was the check and then they'd withdraw. It definitely frustrates me because I saw some of my students who could have benefited from the help and worked so hard to change their lives, but they didn't qualify. Unfortunately, I think this will always be a problem!

  4. Yes, seriously! I heard welfare might go, how about a raise for state employees like myself? This post also reminded me of a dear friend I had a falling out. I was thinking that I missed her, and this post reminded me of her attitude. She wasn't lazy, she worked very hard at her job, but was super spoiled and had an attitude that NOTHING was every good enough. It got so old! She had a real sense of entitlement and that is one of the traits that stops me from trying to fix the falling out. It was just a drag!

  5. I totally agree! I think that the new generation is the worst about this right now. I see so many young 22 year olds who think that jobs are just passed out at college graduation. Work your way up like everyone else. And don't have kids if you can't support them! Ok, my rant is over. :)


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