Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Have A Confession

I confess that I am in love with the following things:


Well, okay, those are the obvious! I'm not here to state the obvious, because well it's already known. Duh! I've got myself a long list of things that I am just over the moon about or that I feel I just can't live without them in my life. What are they? Well darlin' I was startin to wonder that you'd never ask!


  1. Nutella-dipping everything edible in it
  2. Burly Beards- yep. Duck Dynasty. There is just something about that show I can't get enough of! Zane loves it as much as I do! It's a family oriented, God loving group of people and I will support all the way!
  3. Target- It's a dang good thang that we don't have a local one! The closest is about 30-45 minutes away.
  4. Painting my nails- I do this about once a week! But when it chips, I peel til it's all gone! OCD like if you will.
  5. Vampire Diaries- I haven't missed the first episode yet! The day this goes off the air, I will have it's own funeral. I can watch episodes over and over! My favorite character is Caroline.
  6. Wizard Of Oz- This is something that I've been in love with since I was a little girl. It's my all time favorite movie.
  7. Off Road- My love for 4x4's started when I was a teenager. Growing up my brother and I shared a four wheeler. It was our favorite thing to do. We could ride for miles and miles to other friends houses through the woods! It was great. When I start dating the Hubs he was big into it already but I didn't quite realise how deep his disease went. It's incurable at this point.
  8. Traveling- If I could travel all over with the hubs and my son, that's what I'd do! Sadly enough, we have to work to have money to travel. You can't do both. Well unless your rich and are a lotto winner!
  9. I don't have a green thumb- I cannot keep anything alive. Even the strongest of weeds, I'd probably kill it! Even kudzu. Okay maybe that's an exaggeration.
  10.  Dr. Pepper- It has to be from a fountain. No cans or bottles please. There's something about stopping and getting an ice cold Dr. Pepper to start the say off. Starbucks what? Coffee ew? ha!

What do feel like you are just over the moon about?


  1. Lately I've had an addiction to Butterfinger bars. I tried homemade ones, even, and they were pretty good!

    Your nails look great...and I'm sorry you don't have a closer Target store.

  2. Ohhh girl! I can't handle chips on my nail polish either - I turn into an obsessive picker. Which is why I can hardly wear the stuff!

  3. Nutella! It's my downfall. But I don't mind :)

  4. We were meant to be friends. I'm also obsessed with Nutella, Vampire Diaries, Wizard of Oz, and Duck Dynasty. :)

  5. I have NEVER had Nutella. I know, this needs to change! I don't even know what it is? Peanuts? Chocolate? Both?

  6. Target is that far away!? I wouldn't know what to do within myself. I'm in there at least 3 timesaver week!

  7. I am loving this post and girl u know I be lovin me some nutella. My Target is 45 to an hour away too

  8. I am also lovin' Duck Dynasty, Target, Wizard of Oz, and traveling. I am a Target addict now...we go at least once a week to get essentials and always leave with more than we came for. It doesn't help that there is like one on every corner in this blasted town. Ha! I can't say anything about the Nutella because I haven't tried it (and perhaps I shouldn't because I'd probably be addicted). I am not a hazelnut fan, but I tried a frozen yogurt flavor that was chocolate hazelnut and loved it. I don't paint my nails because I bite or chip it all off right after I do it. I do paint my toenails in the summer months though...I kind of let that one go in the winter. I also love Dr. Pepper, but I try to stay away from it if I can. I did cheat last week and got one though. I am also loving Downton Abbey after finally starting to watch season 1 this weekend. So addicting!

  9. Loooove your nails! So talented!! I am interested to see the new Wizard of Oz movie!! Saw your Duck Dynasty cup on Instagram! Cracked me up! My Granny used to have cups like that! Funny how they're making millions off of a cup he has, ha! I want one too though, ha!

  10. Loving your nails!!! So stinkin' cute!


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