Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's OK Thursday #45

*as I break my head free from the clouds* I understand that tomorrow is Friday! That means that the weekend is well one it's way! 

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It's OK...

...that I have spilled my guts out on the blog this week. That might become more regular, but that means you get more of me. It's OKAY!

...that I ordered men's boots instead of women's because they will fit my big ass feet better!
...that I need to get another car. Black Betty is hurting my pocket in the gasoline department!
...that I drove the hubs truck two days this week so I wouldn't have to put more gas in Black Betty.
...Zane starts t-ball this year and the first practice is tomorrow night! He is excited and I am nervous that this will not end well. Any encouragement or tips?
...that last weekend I went more blonde. I'm not sure how I like it or not. I'm used to having different contrasts in my hurr! We shall see!
...that I am planning a trip with my best friend to Ashville in April and I plan to meet up with my NC blogger girls!!!

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What's okay with y'all today?


  1. Woo woo can't wait to see you!

  2. Definitely okay to feel a little unsure about new hair! I always have these great expectations of how my hair will look after a cut or color and when it's done, even if it looks that way, I just can't get used to it right away!


  3. I'm dying for a new car, too! Zane is going to love t-ball, you'll have a blast too!

  4. I have the blonde in my hair too, for the first time. It's growing on me, but it's hard to get used to! T-ball will go just fine! We were a baseball family, and it's such a great sport and a great time. If it doesn't end well, just be the encouraging momma that you can be.

  5. You'll love t-ball. Evan did two years of it and is starting coach pitch this year. T-ball should be a learning process about hitting, catching, running bases, etc. Without the competitive aspect yet. Need to see the hair, girl! :-)

  6. I love going brighter blonde but my hubs and my bank account don't agree. Therefore, all natural it is! :)

  7. That's what blogging is for! I would rather read more genuine entries from people on a regular basis...instead of all the "Look at these clothes I want" posts that I see on so many other blogs.

  8. The kid had his first baseball game on Saturday and I as usual turn into a sports mom yet I am not athletic at all.


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