Monday, April 29, 2013

Girls Will Be Girls

I had a blast this weekend spending time with some of the funniest girls I know! We threw back too many and had lots of laughs and amazing conversations! Saturday morning my best friend and I headed out to NC. We got side tracked and stopped in Cherokee, NC. Lawd have mercy was that a strange experience!

Not sure why my shirt looks jacked up at my stomach.
This Indian was a real creep. He was hitting on us and saying creeptastic stuff. "I had a dream about you last night." "Mmmm you smell good babe what you wearing?" "Take your time ladies, I'm here all day and I don't mind spending it with you!"
Dear Creeptastic Indian, the next woman that approaches you, I hope she batters you with her purse! That's what I wanted to do. Then you had the audacity to ask for a tip. I'll give you a tip, skip out on the alcohol next time and don't hit on woman that just want their picture taken. Mmmkay? Thanks!

After roaming around Cherokee for 2.5 seconds after the Indian experience, we made out of their like bandits and headed for Asheville! Once arriving there we grabbed some lunch and walked around the mall until time to check into our hotel. We relaxed for an hour or so then headed to meet up with my blog friends that turned into real life friends!

The rain was a real downer but we didn't let it get in our way! We arrived at the Beir Garden and enjoyed every single moment! From the time that Pamela, Tamara, and Bethany walked in the door I greeted them with hugs because I had not seen them since the Color Run in November!

stolen from Tamara...thanks boo

We ate and drank the night away! Bethany thought it was only appropriate that we have a pink champagne toast! I thought it was appropriate to double fist it! We were hoping for some music as the website for this restaurant/bar said that a DJ would start at 9pm. We were there well after 9pm and he was setting up as we left.

We said our goodbyes and left the bar. I had lots to drink so we had to 'walk it off' so to speak! We found lots of interesting things around town!

The next morning my best friend and I came back to downtown and walked around until we were wet and cold. It was raining harder than the day before. So we decided to head back to the car and find some store we could drive to and not do too much walking outside.

It was a fabulous weekend spending it with amazing people! I love these girls so much!
Until the next outing ladies!


  1. We MUST do it again, and SOON! ...and when its not raining! Love you, sweet girl!

  2. Had a blast!! Yes, SOON when it's not raining!! haha!

  3. I'll be sure to watch out for that Indian if I am ever in that part of North Carolina!

  4. Haha, I about died at that Indian. I've never been to Ashville, but my bridesmaids are planning my Bachelorette there, and all I've ever heard anyone say is that it is so much fun. Hope you have a good Monday.

  5. Looks like the perfect girls weekend! Glad you had so much fun!!

  6. Looks like such a fabulous girls weekend! xx

  7. Sooo glad you finally got a girls trip!! I can tell you are uncomfortable in that pic with Cheif Creepin. What a weirdo!

  8. Creeptastic Indian needed a super woman knee to the bongo drums. He obviously smoked one too many teepees


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