Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I Lost My Mojo

This time last year I was PUMPED UP! I was reading all the hype about the Color Run 5k in Charlotte on several blogs. I was riding the fence about signing up but once it was decided that there would be a blogger group (GO BRA!) I HAD to sign up! I talked the hubby into letting me go, so as soon as he said yes, my tail was registering in hopes it hadn't sold out.


Luckily it hadn't! I told myself I would get into shape and at least walk/jog the entire thing! I worked out 4 days a week and kept a pretty decent diet!


Vacation came around and I didn't work out for two and a half weeks. I could feel it. I felt horrible. The rush I got from accomplishment alone helped me stay in the game for such a long time but because I had not been working out in that amount of time I forgot what it was like. And honestly I felt like a failure.

I got back on track finally and I was running/jogging a whole lot more! I was proud of myself and had awesome motivation! It was getting closer to the 5k and I was ready to rock it! I had lost 20lbs and was so proud of myself! It was hard work and I was ready to conquer the world! Sike! ha!

November came and I hauled my butt up to Charlotte to meet some of the most fabulous girls ever! We froze our butts off at first, but we had a blast! We walked/jogged the Color Run but I still felt like I needed more. Running that is.


Since that day I've only did a tiny bit of exercise. I've lost all motivation aka my mojo. I can't seem to shake the blues and get out of this funk. I'm hoping once things get back to my preferred normal, I can bounce back and get back on track! I am thankful I have only gained 7lbs back in 4 months. So I have got something deep down that holds on to the diet part of this deal. I just need to get back into an exercise regimen. Let's hope it happens soon! REAL SOON!


  1. You can do it, Anna! I'm in a slump, too. I lost a lot of weight back in the fall (I wonder why, ha) and I told myself I was going to keep it off. Yeah, right. Plus... add in some new weight on my chest and I am not liking the numbers on the scale. We can hold each other accountable :-)

  2. You can do it!! Go running or walking! Take Zane with you! He'll keep ya on your toes ;) it's def not always easy but so worth it!!

  3. Ugh, me too! I hate working out. If it's any longer than an hour, forget it. I found a whole bunch of different workout routines on Pinterest that only last about 20 mins and kick.your.butt. Maybe try that? You can do it though!

  4. Hopefully the warmer weather will help! I HATE exercise except when it's pretty outside and I can go walking. :/ The pig and fox pic up there makes me laugh because I say I'm "sweatin' like a pig" all the time, and then I learned that pigs don't really sweat enough to amount to anything. It doesn't keep them cool, that's why they wallow in the mud. Who knew?

  5. If I'm ever in an exercise slump, I know it's that much more important for me to eat healthy, so I can maintain my weight. I'm waiting for the weather to get nicer here so I can finally walk and run outside again. That's my excuse for not exercising a lot right now...poor excuse, I know!

  6. Keep it up girl! I have a love/hate relationship with cardio! I have to force myself. Been doing it my whole adult life and still haven't learn to love it. lol. I like lifting weights and pilates better. If I get 12 min of cardio in 3x a week, I feel like a rock star.
    Love your blog.

  7. Our mojos must have ran off together. I am in the same boat. And the boat hasn't moved in Two weeks.


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