Thursday, April 04, 2013

It's OK Thursday #47

If you follow me on IG, you've probably seen all these photos already. #imnotsorry

Thank goodness I have a two day work week, then it's the weekend! AGAIN! Yay!

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It's OK...

...that this Moma finally got a new phone and can receive text messages! No, I didn't have a phone that old, my phone that I had just sucked donkey butt!

...that I didn't have the best vacation. It's life, I need to get over it. ASAP! I can make up for it later! ha

...that the best part of the Easter weekend was throwing eggs in the yard, going to the small Zoo & had a peacock fly at my face, and taking Zane to Build A Bear!

...that this was Zane's first time to Build A Bear! He loved it, but I hated standing in line for an hour!

Jack Sparrow the Leopard Pirate

...that I've contemplated getting a smaller car. This below makes me second guess that idea. eat bad....SIKE IT'S NOT OKAY! I keep saying I need to get my tail in gear, but I keep putting it off! I'm such a procrastinator sometimes! have ordered men's boots but they didn't fit! Ugh! Finding a good pair of boots is so hard for me! hope and pray the other pair of boots I ordered fit like a glove!

...that Zane was sad that he wasn't getting any mail lately, so I ordered him some clothes just so that they would come in the mail. He loved it! Now he is geared up for Spring/Summer!

...that in 23 days I will get to drive up to Asheville with my BFF and get to see all my NC blogger girls! Yay! (Bethany, Pamela, Tamara)

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What's okay with y'all today?


  1. whoop whooooooooooop!!!! :)
    aw that's so sweet of you to order Zane something so he could have some mail! So cute!!

  2. 23 days! I was thinking about it this morning thinking that it wouldn't be long! What did you do to piss off a peacock?!

  3. Who doesn't love getting mail? :) So nice you bought him stuff just so he could get something in the mail!

  4. Awww, what a good mama you are to order him stuff to get in the mail! Let's see if this works...ok, I'm really said because I haven't been getting any good mail. Wanna help me out with that? LOL...kidding :)

  5. Those sunnies are adorable!! I will Bathan send Zane some mail :)


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