Monday, April 22, 2013

Manic Monday

Lawd it's been a Monday today already! I've gotta change that!

We had a pretty great weekend at home! The weather was so nice! Not to cold and not too hot! Friday we went to our awesome neighbor's birthday dinner. She got this cute card with swaying boobies. The boys kept saying "Show us your boobies again!" #ohyestheydid

After getting our bellies full we headed home. Well almost, the Hubs detoured into this side road, which really isn't a road at all. Over the years someone has always drove through this spot to drive through the mud. I can remember doing it in high school! So here we go bouncing and making our way through the mud too! It was fun for the whole 10 minutes that it lasted! haha!

I'm glad I don't have to wash that truck!

When we got home we Steve got started on a pinterest project that I'd been begging to do! I can't wait to show you what it is! Yep, I'm leaving you hanging for a day or so!

Saturday we had a t-ball game and the hubs worked on a friends truck. I kind of assisted when I got back home.

After that we went to dinner with the in-laws. Sushi and this Momma had a drink! It was yummy! I forgot to take a picture before I downed it! It was a 'Tigertini' and I did take a picture of the list of drinks I tried! Okay, I only tried the Tigertini and the Green Apple Martini, but I wanted to try them all! I wouldn't have been able to walk out of there if I had!

Sunday we had lunch at my parents house then headed out for a hike! I thought we were going to take a simple half mile hike, but because we didn't know any better, we ended up on a 4 mile moderate hike! I ain't gonna lie, it kicked my butt! But the view at the end was worth it!

Oconee Station Falls


  1. Yes, it has been a Monday. So ready for it to be over. Can't wait to see your pinterest project!! And why can't we have more weekends with weather like this in SC? It really was perfect!! Hope your Monday gets better.

  2. You'll be having a few more drinks this weekend ;) I want go to there! Beautiful waterfall!!

  3. What a pretty waterfall! The long hike was totally worth it to see that.

  4. Wow, that waterfall! That hike was definitely worth it! Mayyyyybe we can have some sushi this weekend?!?!?!

  5. I'm curious to see what that project is going to be.

  6. I might have a few drinkies my self. Bahamas momas to be exact and they were delicious. I also might have danced until my thighs were on fire. I might have been hungover. I might had a blast.

  7. Torture! I'm nosy. That's why I like reading blogs so much I think. And now you're going to make us wait to see the project? I'm dying here.

  8. Such a beautiful hike! And I am SO looking forward to seeing the husband's pinterest project!!!

  9. I swear were married to the same STEVE.. lol....

  10. That hike looks amazing!! I need to do sushi. I've only had sushi from the grocery. Unacceptable I know!


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