Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is This Really What We Want To Portray?

So yeah, I'm sure you're expecting a reveal post about the hub's tire he had in my living room. Well, it sort of isn't finished yet. PLEASE don't shoot me, mmmkay? I promise y'all will get to see it soon! I've got to make  dang sure it's blog worthy!

In other news, I've seen a lot of junk advertisements and horrible models lately. Have you seen any of this nonsense?

Yesterday I was looking at David Bridal's website and I didn't really like what I saw.

This can't be healthy! Why would you want a model that tiny? She looks like the Mona Lisa on crack! Seriously! What were they thinking when they shot this? "How can we angle her to not look so skinny? We can't turn her to the side, because then she'll look like a cardboard cut out." Horrible, just horrible! Somebody get this chick a freakin bacon double cheeseburger all the way with fries drowned in gravy PLEASE!

Yeah, if I was a man, I'd enjoy using this bathroom! I love the decorator's humor! You as a wife, would it bother you for your husband to enjoy this bathroom?

Hardees has some pretty raunchy commercials lately. Again, targeting men, they have super hot models swooning over a fattening greasy burger that they are just going to throw right back up after the camera stops rolling. They need to just put a big  fat woman on there eating it and keep it real. Are men such easy targets? Why can't they make family friendly commercials? Kids watch that crap too! That's one thing that has gone wrong with today's society! For reals.

I swear people are scrapping for advertisement ideas. These are quite strange but some are funny too!



  1. OMG that Davids Bridal model looks like death warmed over! Sheesh! I'm loving those urinals! It wouldn't bother me for my guy to use those, its funny!

  2. Oh my...the David's Bridal model...just don't know what to say. I don't like the Carl's Junior commercials either. It's sad that there are only a few shows that you can watch with your kids these days and now you have to hope that a bad commercial doesn't come on.

  3. That Loves Baby Soft ad make me want to vomit. SICK

  4. Those are good. And yes, what is with the stick figures and sexy hamburger commercials. And the loves baby soft is just creepy.

  5. Even some of those thin models in ads have been airbrushed and made to look thinner - the actual person may be a size larger (which isn't much bigger, I know) and have freckles, moles, etc.

  6. No shit! They should show that ho eatin' that burger, then her running and weighing herself over and over. That'd be more like it. What's grossest about that David's model ... is that had her stand in a way with her legs turned inward to make her look even more narrow. It's disgusting. Eff that.

    And those urinals - are awesome.

  7. Shame on you David's Bridal!! That poor girl. She looks like cancer patient not a model.

  8. Is anyone considering that maybe she is just that skinny? It's okay to call out a thin girl but not a chunky girl? I've been in the modeling industry and I'm tiny-never been able to gain weight no matter what I do...and I've never been casted in a bridal show because I'm too thin and they wanted "more average" weight sets. Pick up a magazine-even the curvier girls are photoshopped.


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