Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am THAT girl

...the one who shows her butt if she doesn't get her way. Not in a temper tantrum kind of way. OR a spoiled brat kind of way. The way that if I ask for something and you don't do it right or how I asked, I show my butt!

...that rides with the windows down and the radio up singing to the top of my lungs!

...who would rather be camping and fishing than shopping.

...who speaks her mind. Sometimes it gets me in trouble.

...that is comfortable in her own skin.

...who is moody and sometimes takes it out on the wrong one!

...that will sing to the top of her lungs and not care who hears.

...the one that has a good time and can't act her age!

...the fat friend that doesn't care if we're shopping and you're in the dressing room trying on cute clothes. As long as you show me what you try on, and talk to me. I'm good. I'll be the one that is finding goofy hats and shade to put on and pose for you too! haha!

...that will get her drink on while out with friends and be the loudest one. Wait, I'm loud all the time.

...the one that is picky with shoes, or anything she wears and will not make a purchase every time. It's okay to go home empty handed. I saved myself some money. Then I go home and order it online. Yeah, THAT girl.

...the one that will give you the advice you need. Sometimes sugar coated and sometimes not. Truth is the truth. Get mad or not, that's your decision.

...that when she retires...if that is even possible when I get 60, I will see my house and by a small one in the Smoky Mountains and a small one in Surfside Beach. I will live at each 6 months out of the year. Oh. Yes. I. Will!

...the one that wants to know what kind of person are you? What are somethings you like about yourself? What are somethings you don't like? What's one thing you wish you could do when you get old enough to retire?


  1. I love YOU! Absolutely love this post.

  2. I like this post. :) I am probably like you...not a tomboy but not a girly-girl chick either. I don't care about designer brand names and fashion trends. I would also rather go camping and fishing than shopping.

    I don't mind people being "honest", I only dislike it when "honesty" is an excuse to be ridiculously rude and obnoxious. For example, bullying someone about their weight or appearance, then calling it "honesty".

  3. Ooooh, good list! I am THAT girl who can get in the dirt and work, and the same night be dressed up in a cute outfit for date night!

  4. I had to lol at "show my butt"...my BFF Jamie is from up North and had never heard anything like that before she met me. I had to explain to her what "showing out" meant in college. I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess you know how to show out too!! :-)
    I want to keep working for a loooong time and have my own practice, so I'm not thinking of retirement, but I would like to get a weekend house in Beaufort when I'm on my feet after school.

  5. I am so loud too. In fact we were just talking about that at work today. I am loud and in your face and generally do not get a long with girls! haha Probably because the guys let me push them around. You see I am the boss! haha (in my own mind)

  6. This list is great! I am always the quietest one. Well until I get a few drinks in me :)


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