Thursday, June 27, 2013

Me, Lately

Hola Readers! Newbies and Regulars, young and old, purple and green, whatevs you are I welcome you with open arms! I love that you're here and sticking around!

I've been here, there, and everywhere lately! I've also been cooking more! Which has been bad for me...bad for my weight... I hang my head in shame. I blame it on Summer time. Summer brings out the greatest foods for me!  I also blame Pinterest for sucking me in and spitting me out. Okay, it's neither one's fault, I take the blame. My fat arse will be the only one paying for all this dang food. It was good anyway.

Butterfinger Pie and Cracker Barrel Knock Off Chicken

My first pound cake with a glaze and Red Lobster Knock Off Biscuits

Take that all you fatty foods that taste so dang good!


We've also been to birthday parties and truck pulls. Zane (on the left) sliding with his glasses on because he said it kept the water out of his eyes! Zane (on the right) running a foot race at the truck pull. He wore flip flops and was pissed because one fell off half way through the race. In my defense I told him to wear 'real' shoes so he could run better and he chose flip flops. He'll learn next time!

This has been my saving grace for the past three weeks. Lumiday. I struggle with anxiety, moods more than any other some say, good and bad, but more bad than good. With this, my life is easier. I have less anxiety, almost always in a good mood and ding dong the bitch is gone! haha I used to take Lexapro, but since we have no insurance, I cannot get it anymore. I found this alternative at GNC. If you have struggles similar to mine, it might be worth checking into. (always consult your doctor before taking anything!)

 My child is a hot mess! He wanted to play the Xbox last night and race. I couldn't get the controller to come on and thought the batteries were dead. I made him wait until the Hubs got home to get it to work. He pitched a durn fit! So I was in the kitchen cooking when the Hubs came in and the first thing he asked Steve was to turn the Xbox on so he could race. I was right, the batteries were dead. About 10 minutes later and go into the living room and this is how I found him. Sitting in his little recliner, my zebra print neck rest and racing on the Xbox. Who knows what he was planning to do with that sword beside him! Maybe try to cut me if I took his controller!

Last night Big Brother 15 premiered! OMG! It's gonna be a great season! This summer is going to be a good one! We are also getting another mini beach vacay for the weekend of July 4th and taking a trip to Erie, Pennsylvania for a wedding and a bit of site seeing! Look out Niagara Falls and NYC!!! Oh vacation cannot get here fast enough!!!


  1. So much in this post, where do I start? Look at you, Little Ms. Betty Crocker! Psshh, she ain't got nothin on you ;) Aren't those Red Lobster biscuits THE best!? and so easy to make!! I love that last picture of Zane, ha! The boy has it made! So cute. Ahh, NYC! So jealous!

  2. Take me to the beach with you, pleaseeeeeee!

  3. I'd like the butterfinger cake and cracker barrell chicken recipes please and thank you!!! Haha where did you find them both? On Pinterest??

  4. I've been to a tractor pull out in your neck of the woods before! I think it was in Westminster. OMG I am drooling. That food looks SO good. I have anxiety too, I may look into the supplement. I need to go to a vitamin store anyways. Zane is too cute, and smart to wear the glasses down the slide!

  5. Oh the beach...sigh! Looks like we'll be getting a baby pretty close to the 4th so no beach for us yet. :-( I am so ready though! Um, seriously, this overdo pregnant lady is super hungry all the time, and there you go posting pictures of that yummy food. I would love me some pound cake right now! :-P

  6. I'm so glad you are feeling better! Z cracks me up! I love that kid!


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