Friday, June 28, 2013


Baby got back and it's Friday y'all! Was it just me or did this week just go by at a snail's pace? I was so freakin ready for it to end! It will be like that next week too, I'm sure of it!

Did you know that 7 is my favorite number? Cliche isn't it? Well I have good reason. Let me explain. This year is the 7th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday! (Okay, I have to fix this. I posted this post about an hour ago. As I was talking to someone I realized that I will be 29! Damn! I cannot believe that I got my own age wrong! Womp.Womp. Womp.) My actual birthday is July 7th. (7/7) Then my Mom's birthday is, you guessed it, SEVEN days later!

The hubby is really good at gift giving and keeping it a secret, but somehow I've managed to be included on my birthday presents thie year or he has spilled the beans! Talk about old age getting to ya! Whew! I think he's getting weaker by the year! {haha! I kid babe!}

I consider myself to be lucky. As bratty and spoiled as it may sound, I usually ask for things but this year I really didn't think about gifts this year until last week. I ordered one to gift to myself, the monogrammed hat, the others the Hubs did! How did I end up with gifts BEFORE my birthday?!? Have I been that good? Don't answer that!

On Tuesday the kid, the hubs, and I all went to my parents house for dinner. As we were in the kitchen preparing everything and talking my birthday came up like this:

My Mom: It must be nice for Anna to be at the beach every year for her birthday!
Me: I'm not there every year! I wish I was!
The Hubs: Oh! I bought you something today, Anna!
Me: Oh really?!? What?
Mom: I bet I can guess!
Me: Is it the necklace I want?
The Hubs: No, that's something you'll have to get online and order.
Mom: It has to be something he likes to for him to be so excited about it.
Me: (light bulb!) OMG! I know what it is!
The Hubs: What?
Me: The wheels and tires we talked about getting for my jeep!
The Hubs: (as have breaks one of his rules) Yes, but not the tires. That will have to come later. Wanna see 'em? They're in the back of my truck!

Oh he's losing his touch. Usually I cannot have a present until the day of my birthday or the day of Christmas! Even if we celebrate before hand! When we got home Tuesday night he let me get online and order the necklace I wanted. I cannot wait! I've been wanting one forever!

I hope y'all have a good weekend! I know I will! I'm going out with a girlfriend tonight! I'm pretty sure it's gonna get wild! I'll leave you with some jams for #backthatazzup Friday!


  1. I am SO bad when it comes to trying to find out what my gifts are! My husband has to have them delivered or keep them hidden AWAY from our home, or else I go and snoop and find them! I'm SO bad-worse than a little kid at Christmas!

  2. bahahaha I love that you forgot how old you are going to be! I seriously have to sit & think for mine now, ha! My step father told me on my 21st birthday, to enjoy it because there's nothing (age wise) to look forward to after that, ha! I believe it because since then I can't remember my age! Maybe it's because I choose not to remember... YAY for birthdays!!!!

  3. Happy early Birthday Anna! I love Love LOVE that monogrammed necklace! Black Betty is looking good her new shoes!!! Happy Friday!!! Hope your weekend is awesome!!! :)

  4. Love the monogrammed necklace, and the pink monogrammed camo hat seems so YOU! :) My great grandmother's birthday was 7/7. Mine is 7/4. :) Happy Early!

  5. Awww, you are a lucky number 7 baby! I guess Mattie will be a July 1st baby (I am not waiting another week for this one to come out...haha!). Those are awesome birthday presents, and I love that your husband spilled the beans because he was so excited too because it shows how much you two have in common. And I need that monogrammed necklace! :-)

  6. John is the same way about gifts! I hate it. He doesn't even let me give him gifts early. Love the hat and the necklace!


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