Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Night I Turned 21

I think the title gives you an idea of what's about to go down. I'm gonna skip back in time to the night that I turned the legal drinking age of 21. We all know that I had a drink long before this night! Yes, oh yes, I did.

So let me set the scene for you. I had a group of girls, all but two or three of us had not turned 21 yet out of like 8 girls. We had planned to meet up and get ready at a friend's apartment and have a pre-game party! We drank all kinds of stuff. Two of my favorites then were Midori Sours and Jager Bombs. We were going to celebrate big time by going to downtown Clemson. If you don't know much about downtown, it's several bars all within walking distance of themselves.

First stop Loose Change. I was pretty lit by the time we actually got started...Say 10pm or so! At LC they celebrate the Birthday Girl {me} with 21 free shots. Holy Cow! I was passing out shots to every one around me! If had taken all those shots, I wouldn't have made it the rest of the night! We even got to hang out with some of the Clemson football players that we knew from cutting their hair at the salon! I was in heaven! We hung out there for a while.

BTW this is soo not me holding this shirt! Check out those cut offs! Woo Sex-ay!

Then we mosied across the street to Tiger Town Tavern. The place where every one goes to get their free t-shirt on their 21st birthday! I got my shirt and some drinks! Double fisting anyone? We sat out at the patio and it was HOT as hell! With my blood pressure rising from the alcohol intake, I was sweating like Aaron Hernandez will on the court stand. We were dancing having a darn good time! The sun went down and the girls were deciding where to go next. After a bit of dancing I sat down and starting feeling really drunk.

The girls could tell it too! I was ready to go. Go home that is. It was way to early for anyone else to be leaving so I got the Hubs to come pick me up. It seemed like forever before he got there. Finally he called me and we met him out on the street. I told my friend as we were heading towards the door that I felt the urge to puke. She was saying "don't puke they'll kick us all out!" So luckily for her, the other girls, and the bouncer at the door there was a trash can there and I puked, kept walking without missing a beat and got to the street.


The Hubs was there waiting to walk me to the car. As I said my goodbyes and love you's to all the girls, I got the urge again. I held it back for a moment, but as we walked to the parking garage I let it fly. I was so drunk I didn't care who saw. I was walking and puking without stopping. All over the sidewalks. {sorry City of Clemson} We made it to the car and I realized that I had puked all over my sandals and feet. I cried and kept apologizing to the Hubs the whole time. He is such a doll. He took a bottle of water and washed my feet off. We got into the car and I made it home without loosing anymore cookies!

I know for sure that I had the worst hangover the next morning, but never regretting anything except crashing out WAY to early! Sadly, I do not have any pictures from this night. It's a good thing, because I do not want to remember the puking!

Did you do anything wild & crazy when you turned 21? Please share with me!


  1. I was hoping you didn't say that you had all 21 of those shots at the first place! Sounds like the typical 21 birthday party! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. "walking & puking without stopping" hahaha LOVE THIS! Almost your birfdayyyy!

  3. This story is hilarious. My 21st bday sucked! My mom and John would not let me drink. I didn't bring my wallet so I couldn't even buy myself a drink. I think I had one drink. Boring!

  4. My 21st birthday wasn't memorable but I did some things on my 40th that I wasn't too proud of! We were in Vegas and husband and friends bought me drinks / shots all night. We had dinner at the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel and I don't remember any of it. I threw up most of it in the bathroom sink. I was so sick the ladies room attendant had to get my husband. Hubby was a trooper though. He had a special souffle ordered and I couldn't tell you if I had any. It's a running joke between us -- Me: "We had SOUFFLE???"


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