Monday, July 01, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap

My weekend was far from boring! I came home from work Friday and this gaw-jus hat was in my mail box! Friday night I went out with an awesome friend! We had a blast! We danced and didn't come home until the sun was comin up!

Zane finally let me cut his hair! He asked if he could grow it out until his bangs touched his nose. Believe it or not but it was thisclose! With all that curl it shrunk right up! Hence the beginnings of a fro! So he wanted a mohawk! He got a faux hawk, cause this Mama was cutting his hair! I hate the look of shaved sides and a strip down the middle on a kid.

I also tried my hand at some chevron on the nails...I don't think I did too bad considering I did it free hand!

I'm also super jealous this morning because as I was leaving for work this morning my boys were loading up to go have some fun off road!

Sami's Shenanigans

P.S. Send up a prayer for some friends for me will ya!


  1. I love that camo hat! Aw, Zane is too precious - he can rock that faux-hawk!

  2. LOVE the hat!! Zane is rockin his new hair cut! Such a cutie!! Your nails look good too!!

  3. The hat is perfect for a Southern Belle! Zane looks way more grown up with the new hair cut!!

  4. FUN weekend! Hope your friends are ok.

  5. LOVE! Look at Zane's hair. I love those curls. So A-DORABLE! LOVE the nails. They are lovely.

    And, I am so glad you took my sister out. ♥ I was so happy when she told me she was going out with y'all. I can't believe all that is going on and my heart hurts for her. But, she is so strong and she DESERVES SO MUCH MORE.

    I have not really had a chance to talk to her but my mom said she had a blast and I just smiled.
    A big thank you for being an awesome friend to her.

  6. The Chevron looks great! I am stopping by from the weekend update:) Looks like you had a great weekend!

  7. Looks like a great weekend and I love your nails! xx

  8. Your nails looked so pretty! Love the faux hawk!

  9. Love that hat!!!! And lovin’ Zane’s haircut! Too cute!


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