Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Inspires Me?

What inspires me most is my life! Everything about my life is interesting at one point. Once I sit down and take the time to reflect on all the happenings and not happenings. At times I may feel bored or it may be that I feel pointless sometimes. It happens to all of us.

When I sit down and have a staring contest with the computer, I ask it, "What do my fingers and thoughts want to tell today?" Lately it's been blah, but I have some pretty good ones too. 

When I saw this link-up on Helene's blog I wasn't sure if I wanted to participate, but I love a good link-up and I just couldn't pass it up! I marinated the idea in this ole brain of mine and came up with a few inspirations!

-One day I was sitting on the toilet reading Facebook statuses and it hit me! *BAM!* I need to write some crap on my blog!

-Adventures of our travels. We are always taking a trip somewhere and something always happens. Even breaking a foot on the third day!

-Weekend Shenanigans. Our little family is always busy doing something. Four wheeling, swimming, camping, day trips to who knows where, hanging with friends, even meeting blog friends and all that non-sense. I try to document it as much as possible. Unless the hubs threatens to throw my camera or phone out the window.


-Crafting. I did more crafting last year than this year. I think that is because the hubs seems to be around more this year. He usually is traveling out of town for his job. I do love to get my hands on a hot glue gun, fabric, and my sewing machine and go to town!

-Sometimes I even get inspired by the drama. Yes. Drama. I have it and you do too. Just admit it. We ALL have drama in our lives. Some I choose not to share, but sometimes I use this blog to vent. It's a great place to vent for me. Most of my family and friends do not read my blog and I'm okay with that because I do vent.

-The Obvious. Link-ups. Y'all know I love a good link-up. Sometimes they have the greatest ideas. They're not my ideas, but when it's a link-up you can claim them too. Good shiz yo.

Helene in Between


  1. Aw love this!! It's amazing what can inspire us to write!

  2. I needed to see this link-up, I have been in a writing slump lately! I wish I could tag along on your 4-wheeling adventures, that looks so fun!

  3. The best thing about venting on the blog is you have tons of blog friends to give you a virtual hug and tell you everything is going to be ok! I love blog land so much sometimes!

  4. Dangit drama is sometimes such great inspiration as are all the other things you listed as well!! Love this post thanks so much for linking up!

  5. I absolutely LOVE that quote by Churchill!!! Story of my life!!


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