Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend's Over. Bah Hum Bug.

The weekend is over and I'm partially excited about it. You see, this weekend coming up with will be on vacation for 10 days! To say we're ready for this is an understatement!

On to the weekend- We got lucky this weekend and had a sitter Friday AND Saturday night! The hubs and I went to eat dinner and then just hung around the house and was lazy. Saturday, we went on a little adventure. We decided that we'd get in my jeep and just drive with no set destination. It was lots of fun!

We started out towards Georgia. Drove through the traffic in Helen and ended up near Hiwasee, GA. Along the way we found a covered bridge. We got out and took pictures in the rain. It was really cold for some strange reason. Maybe it was just me. Either way I loved it. The bridge was beautiful. It was sad to see all the graffiti though. No matter how artistic it may look, it's still a form of damage to a piece of history.

We also stumbled upon Brasstown Bald. From up top, you can see a 360-view of the mountains! It was breath taking. I only had my phone so I took the best pictures that I could. We rode the shuttle up and decided to walk back down. My calf muscles and butt muscles are still sore from that 6/10 of a mile steep grade trek back to the parking lot. Take my word for it and ride the shuttle both ways if you ever visit! There is also a really neat exhibit and movie to see while you're visiting! I hope to come back in the fall to see the leaves change colors!

We hadn't had breakfast or lunch yet, but by the time we finished at Brasstown Bald, it was almost 5pm! We were starving! So we found one of my favorite places to eat! Rib Country. For some reason, when we are in the area of the restaurants, that what I always want to eat! I love to sit and draw like a kid until my food arrives. We ordered a feast for two. Y'all, we had a whole meal out of the left overs for lunch on Sunday!
If you follow me on instagram, you got to see a picture of the huge feast!

It was nice to get out and ride around like we used to do when we dated. We'd take random road trips every weekend! It was a nice excuse to take my jeep out for a spin with her new sexy shoes!

How was your weekend?

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. How fun! I love the idea of packing up and seeing where the road takes you. I'm sure you made some great memories!

  2. Ah, SO much fun!! You have been quite the traveler this Summer!! I have always wanted to drive through a covered bridge! Reminds me of Beetlejuice ha

  3. PERFECT date night! What a fun time to travel around to random places! Love the bridge, hate the graffiti :(

  4. That looks like an amazing weekend! I love the pic of you by the covered bridge. Its funny that you mention it was cold - the summer my old roommate and I went to Helen and tubed, it was a boiling hot summer, sunny every day, and the day we finally made it to Helen it was so cold and cloudy.

  5. I love the spontaneity of random road trips! And yes, the graffiti sucks.

  6. Roadhouse teas! Best things ever..

  7. I agree about the graffiti. Have you seen Peach Tree Rock? People have covered it in their initials and names.

  8. Absolutely love that covered bridge and picture of you! Nathan and I love random road trips as well. Love all of these cute pictures, friend!


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