Monday, August 19, 2013

A New First

Tomorrow starts a new journey for us. Mostly for Zane but for us as parents too. Zane starts kindergarten tomorrow! I can honestly say that I am not nervous. I've prepared myself for this day and I am confident that he will do well.

We've had a few 'firsts' this year. He played his first sport, t-ball, this past spring. I don't think I could have been any more proud than the day he hit that ball without a tee out into to outfield. He was proud of himself too! He also finally caught his first fish. I missed it, but him and Daddy had a great time bonding and fishing. As you know we also got to go on a big vacation this year. All Zane has talked about was the Statue of Liberty and meeting Eustace Conway. I don't think this kid will ever be the same. If he turns out to become a mountain man later in life, it won't surprise me.

The boy is quite independent for a 5 year old. We don't let him rule the roost, but some times he thinks he does and has to be put in his place. I'm not sure what I expected him to be like when he was a baby, but I know now that he will be the country boy that he is destined to be. If you ask him today what he wants to be when he grows up, he can't give you an answer. Sometimes it's "I don't know", "a fireman", "a policeman", or even a "game warden". Any of which are great. I'm okay with him not knowing for sure what he wants to be. He has many many years before he has to decide, or at least have a major in college. We all know you mind changes a lot in college too. I want him to be loyal and respectful in whatever that life brings him.

I wish Zane nothing but the best in life. He's already pinky promised me that even if he is all grown up, he will always be Mama's baby. So I'm not worried about that. What I do worry about is if he will be on his best behavior, not be influenced by other to do bad things, and all the other things that are probably going to happen any way. I'm sort of okay with it because he has to learn how to deal with those sorts of things in life. Starting school is a big deal because it shaped their minds and creates them into who they are going to be.

I pray that Zane has a great year in kindergarten and that he learns as much as he can to strive to better everyday.

Cheers to starting school and lives changing!


  1. Aww :) you're such a good lil moma! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. With a great mom like you, he's bound to be a wonderful human being, regardless of what he does! Good luck Zane!

  3. He is a Big Boy Momma and he will do fine. I know with great parents he has he will be perfect.

  4. This was the sweetest post. Good luck to him tomorrow! :-)

  5. Aww I love this and I love you! I'll be thinking abt you tomorrow while I'm doing the same thing. I think I'm going to need some jäger with breakfast ;) That last picture is amazing!

  6. Zane is adorable and it sounds like he's so much fun!

    I got your comment, but never got an email about the necklace. Try me again.



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