Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Life Currently

Hey Yall! Happy Hump Day!
So, I realized it's been a hot minute or two since I've shared little tid bits going on in this life of mine. Summer is so busy and I'm loving every minute of it, as I'm sure all of you are!

Reading: Blogs and still catching up on what I've missed since I went on vacation.

Listening to: I'm not gonna lie, I sort of like Miley Cyrus's song 'We Can't Stop'. I love the beat. Tyler Farr's Redneck Crazy, Tim McGraw's Southern Girl is my freakin theme song right now! I'm still loving on some Florida Georgia Line and will hopefully get to go to one of their concerts this year!
Loving: That in 5 days I will start a new job! I'm pretty excited! That Zane Started Kindergarten without a hitch! He is loving it and I'm super stoked! I loved elementary school!

Wearing: Jeans and a t-shirt. I can get away with wearing it to work now, but soon I will have to be in business casual. Gone were the days of my boots and jeans.

Looking Forward To: Making new friends at the new job and learning new things. I've also been nipped by the Fall bug! I am ready for fall! We've had so much rain this summer that it barely even felt like summer! Maybe Labor day will pull through and be bright, sunny, and dry! Speaking of Labor Day, I'm gonna be beach bound with a blogger sistah! Pamela and I are gonna beach it up at the Surfside house with our men! I cannot wait!

Cooking/Baking: I'm a bad wife and mom. I haven't cooked a lot this summer at all. We've taken advantage of going out with friends or going to our parent's homes for dinner! When I do cook, it's nothing out of the normal cuisine for us. I need to get back into a routine of cooking 4 times a week!

Wishing: Fall would make it's presence and the rain would quit flooding every where! I'm also wishing the money fairy would stop by because I need new business casual clothing and shoes! I only have boots and flip flops right now. I don't think that goes well with khaki pants. ha!

What's been up with you lately? I haven't heard from just a few of you in blogland in the past week or so. I hope you are out enjoying the sunshine. If you have any!


  1. Aww, I love his smile and how excited he look to start school. And congrats on the new job

  2. I just heard about this beach trip last night... and HELLO, I'm jealous! Ya'll are going to have such an awesome time!

  3. Yayyyyy, I knew that Fall bug would bite ya SOON ;) So many new things happening for you! So happy for you!! I've been praying & praying that it would be SUNNY & NO rain/bad weather, while we're at the beach!!

  4. Yahoo for a new job!!! And seriously woman, when are you NOT going to the beach?!?! As always, I'm jealous :)

  5. Good luck with the new job girl. Zane is getting so big he is cute as a button

  6. Zane is so cute :) I'm READY FOR FALL! Sad thing we don't have Fall in Florida :( I was looking at real estate in the Carolinas last night...Is Hendersonville a nice town to live in? Have fun this weekend, I wish I was beach bound. Take some pics :)

  7. Fall cannot come soon enough, and yes.. that dang Miley song is as catchy as the flu.

  8. I'm ready for fall too. Too bad we don't get one here :(

  9. Okay, seriously, how did I get behind on reading your blog! Sigh. Thus the pains of going back to work. :-( I love Zane's Kindergarten picture and all his likes! Evan goes back and forth between his favorite color being green and orange. Wow, new job!!! That's crazy exciting! I can't wait to hear more about it! Hope you had a great week and have a really AWESOME weekend! :-)


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